The Treats from Smiley’s House

Other dogs, it seems, will turn up their noses at some treats.  Not Mrs. Wigglebottom.  If it smells okay and doesn’t try to eat her first, she’ll chomp on it.

Well, Smiley and RUABelle gave her some treats that their dog did not like.

And I have neglected to tell you how funny Mrs. W. is with them.  They’re pretty big and shaped like animals or hearts or whatever and I’ll toss one to her and she’ll let it drop in front of her and then she pats her front paws on the ground very near the treat (she’s been known to do this with the cats, but this is the first time I’ve see her do it with food) and wiggles her bottom and pats near the treat some more.  

Today, she kind of tossed it over her head to herself.

And then she ate it.

But I am just tickled with delight at how much she enjoys the pre-game activities.

I wonder if she’s getting silly in her old age. 

4 thoughts on “The Treats from Smiley’s House

  1. Our dogs are kinda silly about food sometimes too. Clem will take a mouthful of food from the bowl and walk over to the carpet, where she’ll set it down, then eat one piece at a time. Dexter will amuse himself with his nylabone by throwing it up in the air and then chasing it down. You gotta love the little creatures.

  2. well er uh yes well i – let things drop in front of me, metaphorically speaking, if that’s how you smell and spell and say it – then – I really can’t write here it’s like CNN sattelite lag – but also my bottom wiggles when – is no small feet [sic] – and

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