I was back at Qdoba again today.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t even really like it that much and yet, I’m drawn to it.  I would not be surprised to find that the lime rice was laced with heroin. 

But this is not a post about Qdoba.  This is a post about the nine men at the front of the line while I was at the back of it.  All young, broad-shouldered, trying to order and pay and help the ones who spoke less English get what they wanted.  Some of the staff at Qdoba speaks Spanish–the little woman with the bright smile and the cute guy and the bald guy with the freckled arms with the fading gang tattoos–and between them and the guys in line was a light, fun chaos. 

The one guy who didn’t speak Spanish asked the kid with the coal black eyes, “Queso?”

And the kid with the coal black eyes looked around for his friends or for anyone who spoke Spanish to make eye contact with him.  Finally, a buddy came over.

“Queso?” again asked the guy who didn’t speak Spanish and the buddy turned to the coal black eyed guy and said, “Queso.”

And the kid with the coal black eyes said, “Oh, si, si.”

And I swear to god, it sounded like the exact same word to me and I was looking at the guy who didn’t speak Spanish and he was looking at me and we were both like, “What the fuck?” and the guy with the freckles on his arms looks at us and starts to laugh.

Apparently, the kid with the coal black eyes was having a little fun with the guy who didn’t speak Spanish.

And we were all in agreement that it was funny.

I wonder what they were–young construction workers?  A gang?  A baseball team?

Anyway, behind them were two women who were dressed much younger than they were, who were convinced that sour cream might be a bit too exotic for their tastes and the woman with the high and tight pony tail, who seemed to be taking the lead in the ordering, was carrying a purse made of a print fabric of Confederate flags*.

And she and I were in agreement that you rarely see that many hot men all horsing around in one place, but that we appreciated it.  Her friend wanted to squeeze one of their butts.

So, there you go.  Who can understand the South and yet, I can’t help but love a place that makes you go “What the fuck is going on here?” at least once a day.




*Sadly, the internet has failed me in my efforts to find you an example of this purse, but if you click here and scroll down to the bikini worn by the woman with the armband tattoo, that’s the fabric.  Imagine it as a purse. 

4 thoughts on “Qdoba

  1. I’ll be getting Sarcastro’s new spawn something from that Confedalot store.Then maybe the bedding set for my spare bedroom. It’ll be worth it to see the look on some of my friends faces when they stay over.

  2. I’ll admit, I did have an unnatural desire to see a whole house decorated that way. Shoot, Chris Hanson could do an NBC hidden camera report where he shows a house all done up in Confederate flags to potential buyers. That would be interesting.

  3. I have been employed by qdoba or as Ilike to say “Qdopa” for a short time . I have never been a part of a company like this before. I must say I enjoyed enjoyed your observation. If you only knew what they really say under their breath at all the customers and dream about pissing in your “Lime rice” you would not want to eat there or let this company owned by Jack in the box, serve you food. Especially after that incident 20 years ago when they were responsible for killing people and made numerous sick from their tainted food, just remember this is a company who hires ALOT of non english speaking people who can not speak a lick of english and obviously are not legal with fake papers and if they are it is mostly teenagers and very young adults running the place.They have a hard time training them properly to do the job and to even follow sanitary guidelines. I have seen and witnessed numerous violations in a very short time, and have heard it goes on in all the stores breakfast there should be called this. The left over burrito meat burrrito, it is their standard to not throw any thing away although they are supposed to after so many minutes or hours on the serving line, doing so would result in very low profit for the store so managers look the other way and change expiration dates and times. As long as it does not smell or look bad you are sure enough going to swallow it at some point that week.it Breakfast is left over chicken or steak with a little bit of fresh thrown in, the potatoes ,eggs and sausage are made fresh every day. Five out of seven days the staff from the night before cook to much product and instead of throwing it away or selling it to employees or giving it to the employees they bag it up and reheat in the morning for breakfast and sometimes there is so much it even goes into the lunch hour. The beans have a shelf life of seven days and what are left on the line at the end of night go right back out for lunch the following day and there is tons of different food that fall into them during that time among other things like serving spoon handles, an employees glove or a dirty towel that has had one end dragged thru them while wiping down the serving line. If you order veggie burritos and are a die hard veggie remember this, meat falls and gets flung into those beans by accident all the time. I think I will stick to the breakfast spicy sausage burritos because the eggs, susage and potatoes are fresh every morning and that is about the only things that are . Bon Apetite!

  4. Yes, chipdip. Most of us have worked fast food before and this is how it works. If you think this is new or shocking, I am going to guess that this is your first job.

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