The Play and Other Things

I think I’ve got my pentultimate draft of my play done.  I want to go through and clean it up and make sure that all the new pieces fit with the old pieces, but last night, I was feeling bad about it, like it sucked and there were obvious things about it that I could fix to make it better, if only I had more talent and could figure it out.

And that really pissed me off, because, as challenging as this has been up until now, I never have not liked it.  And so, I feel like, if I’m at the point where I’m not enjoying it any more, I may be at the point where I’m done with it.  I’ve tried my best and if it’s not what they’re looking for, it was still good to get this far, because, genuinely, I’ve learned a lot from it.

Still, I hope they take it and I hope Plimco plays the lead, because I would pay one gazillion dollars to hear her yodel on stage.  If they accept it, I’m making her a mix CD with yodeling songs so that she can practice.  I’ve got in mind Jimmie Rodgers’s "Waiting on an Train" (which blue yodel that is, if any, I can’t recall), "My Morphine" by Gillian Welch, and "I Asked Him for Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)" by Lucinda Williams, which might be the other way around–"(I Asked Him for Water) He Gave Me Gasoline" but my internet connection is down, so I can’t look.  I’m just hoping it comes back up in time for me to publish this.

I may also throw some Joan Osborne on there.  "Don’t feel sorry for me.  I hate that look on your face."  It’s funny.  I love that album so much and I never have bought another one of hers.  I’m such a shitty fan.

Speaking of things I’m a fan of, I really miss the Animaniacs.  I hadn’t thought of them in a long time, until Mack told me that his daughter’s name was "Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third."  You can best believe I will indeed be asking Mack if his kids are "zany to the max" the next time I talk to him.

And yes, I do wish that my name was also Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third, but I would let you call me Besca for short.

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  1. On the Joan Osborne front I would argue that the poor reception of "Righteous Love" was one of the bigger musical tragedies of the last 15 years. "Safety in Numbers" and "Righteous Love" are particularly good tracks.

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