Mack Makes Me Laugh

I was recounting to Mack how I missed his phone call because I was busy sitting in someone else’s pee over to Noshville (and by god, what has happened to the service?!) and then having to clean myself up as best as possible considering that the stall is only a foot and a half across, at best, when he, I believe, referred to my recounting this adventure as “live-blogging.”

I cannot tell you how much that tickles me. 

When I’m old, I imagine explaining to my grand-whatevers that there was a time back before computers when we would get on the phone and just “blog” outloud to each other, one at a time.

I doubt they’ll be able to imagine such a world. 

8 thoughts on “Mack Makes Me Laugh

  1. Worse service than never bringing me crackers and also expecting us to share that pie? I REFUSE to use that bathroom – only did it once and haven’t recovered. I know I’m wider than the average woman, but I’m not so wide that I shouldn’t be allowed to expect that both my thighs need not be touching something in the stall at the same time. That’s just wrong.

  2. I don’t believe there exists a woman who could use that bathroom comfortably. And really, normally, women who pee on the seat make me very angry, but I imagine that the seat pee-er was just afraid of getting wedged in there between the shelf and the toilet paper, unable to get out, if she sat all the way down.I should have followed her lead.

  3. Yeah, but damn…can’t they wipe the seat afterwards? There are very few worse feelings than sitting down in another person’s pee. ugh!

  4. Which is exactly why if someone wants to pee on me in the shower in the context of consensual fun, I’m not going to turn up my nose at it. Lord knows, if I had a penis, I’d be peeing on things left and right.I still don’t want to sit in it on accident, though.

  5. between some light bathroom reading this morning and returning to old posts so I could read the terry Frank stuff in order, I have one more thing to add about pee. Have you seen those female lips as urinals? just go to google images and search for "lip urinals." The links weren’t going to work here. It’s worth the little trouble for a little laugh.

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