Terry Frank, I Have two Questions

You’ve discovered uranium in Iraq.  You say,

In the first national report from the heart of one of the world’s
premier energy capitals, Frankly Speaking has obtained unclassified
documents showing that at just one site alone, Saddam Hussein possessed
and stored over 1 million pounds of uranium.

Is this different uranium than the uranium Newsmax wrote about in 2005, and the Tennessean reported was brought to Tennessee in 2004?

And, if it is the same uranium, then you don’t have an “exclusive” anything, do you? 

17 thoughts on “Terry Frank, I Have two Questions

  1. Hey, you remember when Terry demanded proof about Gov. Bredesen having met the little girl on his Christmas card?Yeah.

  2. I personally think she’s trying to hype her new television show, so she dove in to the !!!!!!! territory before she had all the facts, and now she’s having to backpeddle a bit. I think Terry’s world is all about Terry and what makes Terry more famous. Terry wants badly to be Michelle Coulter Limbaugh and will stop at nothing until that goal is accomplished.Sadly, she has the heart but not the head for this kind of chess game.

  3. I have to admit that the Michelle Coulter Limbaugh image is a searing one. The content so unified, the visual signifiers so all over the place … oh, dear.

  4. DAMMIT COBLE, WAIT UNTIL WE HAVE ALL OF THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Note: Crap like this is why a lot of media types think bloggers are full of it.

  5. "In the meantime, printing a news story like this one is often the opportunity to see who doesn’t mind making a fool of themselves." — Terry FrankHow true that is.

  6. I don’t know that being a stain is inherently a bad thing. Didn’t the Virgin Mary recently appear as a stain on an underpass in Chicago?If it’s good enough for God’s mom, it’s good enough for you, I’d think,Why does Terry Frank think being like God’s mom is an insult?

  7. This is a sweet kind of crazy. According to Terry, news media is useless (except that she really really want to be on TV — offer her a TV spot and she’ll let you touch her exclusives). News media is biased (except her and the people who say things she likes to hear). News media didn’t get this scoop (except that they did, apparently, between 3-5 years ago). Bloggers should be called out when they are mean-spirited (except her, who can spew venom and call people all sorts of names without anticipating a day of reckoning). Being a woman is good (except that she apparently hates herself and every other woman because she freely uses gender slurs to shame men). It’s the citizen-media’s duty to speak hard truth in a powerful way (except when folks ask for evidence or use her methodology to critique her harmful utterances, in which case she makes whiny demands for civil behavior in the public sphere).I agree with whoever — maybe Roger? B? Sarcastro? Kat? — who observed that she’s just not smart enough to play the game she wants to play.

  8. As one of those newspaper people, this whole Frank has me steaming.I write about rural media, but believe me, this isn’t as much about bringing the public the truth, it’s about getting attention. There are 60 some odd comments over there and she is getting the attention she wants because she wants to be the next Limbaugh.I’m going back over to ‘coma now to drunk blog, write about Spears in rehab and lament that my chosen profession at a small newspaper has been taken five steps back.

  9. "In 1841, P.T. Barnum purchased Scudder’s American Museum on Broadway in New York City. He exhibited "500,000 natural and artificial curiosities from every corner of the globe," and kept traffic moving through the museum with a sign that read, ‘This way to the egress.’ ‘Egress’ was another word for exit, and Barnum’s patrons would have to pay another quarter to reenter the Museum."Sound familiar?

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