I’m Still In My Pajamas

Folks, I am having the kind of morning where parts of you are awake and parts of you are asleep.  I have been up since seven or so, I think, and yet, here it is almost noon and I’m still in my pajamas sitting on the couch, listening to the dog snore.

Every once in a while, I stare off into space and I suddenly realize ten minutes have passed.

What, you may ask, accounts for my bout of decadent laziness?

Because someone decided that the funnest way we could spend the afternoon was by imbibing in the fermented sap of the blue agave plant and someone else encouraged him and I, not wanting to be impolite, joined in. 

For those of you looking for a fun get-away, Mack has a little cabin on his property where you can stay and get away from it all, and, if you ask nicely, he’ll put you in his truck and drive you all over tarnation while you try not to spill your beer on yourself.

Good fun. 

I’m thinking of writing a book about a state legislator who is having a scandalous affair with a Ku Klux Klan member in his district kind of along the lines of A Confederacy of Dunces but with less hot dogs.  I may impose on Mack’s cabin as a little writers’ retreat as I work, should I start work, which will not happen today.

12 thoughts on “I’m Still In My Pajamas

  1. Once again, I am so jealous but in a good way that you had a retreat.Do you think he’ll let me come up for a mini-breakdown (those pesky things I’ve been having all month?"Jeezus, I need to get away for awhile, seems you did too.If I come up, can we drink beer and toast to goofy things like Lawrence Welk’s birthday, seventies hairdos and bad pop music.Mucho needed.

  2. He said he wanted to stick people in the cabin and, believe me, the kitchen table in the cabin is so awesome that I believe just sitting at it for a few minutes can heal a lot of damage.You should definitely consider it.

  3. I’ll stick you in the truck and drive you all over tarnation whether you ask nicely or not. It’s what I do.B, buddy, eat something just a little greasy, then something just a little salty, pound some water, and everything will be everything. Man up.

  4. Driving in a pickup truck all over tarnation? I live in Hooterville. I have some experience in this activity.You can get rough if you want, just bring the beer and cigarettes.:)

  5. I’m feeling the need for a hen retreat up on the Coyote’s ridge.Mack with 5 to 10 hot, snarky, feminist, intelligent women all on the vulnerable verge of breakdown…I’ll bring the video camera.

  6. Mack, I tried to man up. I peed where I wanted, burped, farted, and insisted everyone pay me thirty cents more an hour, then I took a nap when there were chores to be done, and god damn if I don’t feel better!Ginger that is such a good idea! A retreat up to the cabin. That would be so awesome.

  7. Dear lord, that sounds like a little piece of heaven.On another note, I think Squarespace is having a feed problem today… I wouldn’t have thought it Squarespace, except I’m missing some of your posts in my reader and also never saw Sarcastro’s til I saw the link elsewhere. Maybe it was just a glitch today tho.In your case, Squarespace probably won’t matter much anymore anyway tho (heh heh – and PS it may not be ready ’til Tuesday morning – but I’m working on it!) :)

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