In Which I Say All I Have Left to Say About the Terry Frank Thing (I Hope)

I give "Best Bad-Ass Threat in a Blog Comment Section" to Lynnster, whose smackdown of Stacey Campfield is worth scrolling to the end of this thread for.

And now that you have so blatantly and snarkily addressed the issue in the manner you have, I think you can pretty much guarantee yourself that if there is no apology, the thousands of TN state employees there are will soon be finding out who Stacey Campfield is, if they don’t already know, and what Stacey Campfield thinks of their jobs (that they don’t have “real” jobs, if you need reminding).

I hope you had no political aspirations outside of your current district in East Tennessee.

You think I’m bluffing? Try me.

You have not chosen your battles well, Mr. Campfield. Not only do I have ties to some of the Republican support you likely crave in East TN, but one of your past campaign contributors is personally very close to me.

The next time you choose another tiger to tangle with and think you can safely do so just because it’s some random person on the Internet, I hope you’ll keep in mind next time that that person might have ties and affiliations you’re unaware of.

As for Frank herself, she’s finally come around to posting about the real piece of actual news that she’s been handed–that we’re training Iraqis to test and handle the uranium still in Iraq (Sean Braisted has a nice dissection of all the other stuff going on in the dust-up.  See him for smart analysis.).

I’m still trying to figure out what this means, if anything.  Does it suggest a quicker time-table for our withdrawal than we’ve been led to believe is in place?  Is Iraq really stable enough to turn over that much uranium to their care?  What if the place descends further into civil war (or into civil war, for those of you who aren’t yet convinced)?  What happens if the uranium falls into the hands of insurgents?  Does the fact that there’s still so much uranium in Iraq bolster the argument that we need to stay there and keep Iraq as stable as we can?  Or is it impossible for us to stabilize the country?  Are there provisions in place to keep the Iraqis from selling the uranium to folks we’d rather not have it?  If so, what are those provisions?  Who will secure these facilities?  Will we continue to guard them while the Iraqis work inside or will the Iraqis take over the whole operation?  How well-guarded are these facilities?  How much uranium would a terrorist have to get his hands on in order to make an effective dirty bomb?  What would happen if insurgents bombed this facility?

I don’t know, obviously, but I’d be curious to know what people who do know think.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Say All I Have Left to Say About the Terry Frank Thing (I Hope)

  1. There was little doubt that she had something, but it was by no means what she led people to believe in her initial post.Her complete and utter lack of judgment is what’s been most appalling about this, on two levels:1. She completely blew the lede, journalistically speaking.2. She’s being cavalier about a very serious matter–the biggest crisis our nation faces right now–just to get a little publicity for herself and her nascent radio show.

  2. Well, thanks for the hat tip, B. Probably needless to say, between that and my own blog this morning, you can blame Stacey X for why you don’t have WordPress to play with this morning. I hope I can get you finished tonight, planning on it anyway. I spent way more time and effort on all that silliness than I really had time to spare, but you know what? It’s worth it if one legislator doesn’t back SC’s antics because of it, or if one person votes the other way come a future election.And if he can’t act like a man and a gentleman and apologize to John, it’ll be worth the time and effort spent there too. The damage is already done in some respects, though. But you know what? My only real hope is that he might learn something about how he responds to people, especially when they disagree with him, because I think that’s the biggest root of his problems. I don’t have a lot of hope for any clarity in understanding there, though.

  3. Lynnster, I am so excited about that, I can barely speak. I’m trying not to think too much about it, just in case it doesn’t happen.But Campfield. I don’t know. I’m an idiot at heart, but I do believe he can be reached, somehow. Maybe it takes blatant anger like you showed him or whatever, but I just don’t believe that he’s stupid (I know, I know) and so I have to think that something someone says can reach him some day.

  4. The only source document I saw posted was a one-sheet out of PowerPoint.There is no other confirming data to back that up. I’m not saying that I necessarily dispute the findings, but I’m very concerned about the flimsiness of said source material. I’m pretty picky about what constitutes ‘evidence’ in my book. Seeing as how I could recreate the one piece of source material in about 10 minutes, I would hope there are other–more concrete–documents.

  5. What Kat said about the docs,Lynnster, I’m seriously thinking of devoting time and energy to whomever his next opponent is…B, sure, personally, he can probably be reached. Most of us will never see that side of him. He’s not stupid, just not near as smart as he thinks he is. And he has not yet snapped to the fact that his kind had their chance, and blew it by seeking to further expand and cement their power by picking on those they felt were politically expendable. In other words, he’s a political dinosaur. He may be forced one day soon to actually justify his existence by his ideas, and work ethic. That HAS to scare the hell out of him.

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