Recovering Baptist, I Love You

This is the greatest post in the history of Tennessee.


No, seriously.  You must go read it.

And then come back here and leave the comments you would have left over there if only the Recovering Baptist had comments on her blog, which she doesn’t, which is too bad because it’s a post about black eyes, vibrators, and death.

What’s not to love? 

26 thoughts on “Recovering Baptist, I Love You

  1. She’s a Nashville blogger and I think you should roll her over at NiT. I don’t know if she has an RSS feed. Let me email her and tell her we’re talking about her.

  2. That’s awesome. Should someone let her in on the new rechargeable vibrators that you just take on and off the charging base like a phone? Less likely to get tangled up that way.I am sorry for her loss, but her family attitude with death seems healthy.

  3. So what is that, five people to whom I now owe drinks? Thank you all. I don’t know what this rolling bit is all about but it sounds kinky. I would probably have a real blog if I knew how to set one up. I’m challenged like that.

  4. "Like Mama Cass. "I feel compelled to add that if Mama Cass and Karen Carpenter had split that sandwich, they might both be alive today.Just sayin.

  5. I read it and it was hilarious, and I clicked a few earlier links and they were hilarious. I am reminded of some of my favorite and funniest Southern female writers but RB has her own style.And I too was disappointed there was no feed, I immediately stuck the URL in my feed reader and then went, "Awww."B, it wouldn’t be all that fast – since her site’s all done in HTML it’d be a little tedious to transfer all her old writing (my original blog was in HTML and I moved nine years’ worth, talk about tedious) – but yeah, it could easily be done. I might make a project out of that and RB can see what she thinks, might take a week or two but yep, it can be done.

  6. It’d be far easier, since she owns the domain to set up or something like that. There are two ways of doing it: the easy way would be to do a install on /blog. That would take five to ten minutes, plus customization. Then you’d just have one of the pages on (that’s a lot of i’s!) be the blog. The other way would be to redo the whole thing in wordpress, which would require all the copying and pasting or whatever. And with wordpress you can have any page be the blog, so you could have it look mostly like it does but with the blog as one of the pages, if you’d like. I’ve never had a lot of luck with doing that, but that’s partly because I don’t know css.

  7. The Recovering Baptist is what Minton Sparks intended to be. She just got a publicist first.Need a publicist, RB? We can go thru Krystal’s first. I need me a Corn Pup.

  8. I DO need a publicist. And a blog. And now I also need a corn pup. I’ve got a busy weekend coming up.

  9. Oh, yeah, I know it was a heart attack. But I think it did happen while or just after she had eaten a sandwich, which was where the myth came from. I’m open to being wrong though.

  10. Recovering Baptist, I must tell you that was so wonderful that I couldn’t breathe from the laughter. Having been in some "death" related stuff recently myself, it was perfect.Two things: they do have battery operated vibrators, you know.Second, where can I get that anointing oil that chickie received to live? Crisco? Yeppers, I loved that.

  11. What the hell is a corn pup?Yes, Sista, I’m aware of the "myth." It was humor.All this vibrator talk is going to get most of you banned from all the best conservative blogger meetups. Just sayin.

  12. Mack, a Krystal Corn Pup is a little hot dog on a stick, cornbread-battered and deep-fried, AKA, snacky paradise.Also, vibrators are all we bring to conservative blogger meetups. Didn’t you know? Well, those and a smile.

  13. Mack, anything from Krystal is known as a belly bomb, and is only appropriate to be eaten when drunk at 3am (well, then there’s Waffle House).grandefille, please put me on the invite list for your next conservative blogger meetup.

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