I Need a Stern Task Master

I got up early meaning to get into work early meaning to get some shit done.  But let me tell you, I’m not that far ahead of schedule.  It’s kind of depressing.

I just have a lot to do this week and I’ve made no headway into getting it done.

I’m feeling frazzled and bummed.

In a perfect world, someone would come and pack up my whole office, move me to a room with no distractions, and lock me in there until I got it done.

In this world, part of me is already wondering if I can find someone to go to lunch.

6 thoughts on “I Need a Stern Task Master

  1. Story of my life. A combination of that classic Onion article on procrastination and Office Space — doing just enough to not get hassled or fired. But you should always go to lunch.

  2. I brought my lunch again today. Vegan. What the heck is happening to me?Maybe we can take turns locking each other in our offices on alternating days until we get some work done…

  3. Aunt B! I just replied to your inquiry on my blog…How you ask? I emailed the email address from below (the *hate mail* link). let me know if you got it! But, also, let me know when you will be here in Chicago. I’d love to meet for coffee/drinks if I am around/in town!!!

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