In Which I Tell Exador the Secret to Truly Combating Feminism

As those of you who read Monosyllabic Pedantry know, Exador is often trying to find the one thing that will finally set feminism so far back that… well, I’m not sure what the result would be… we all die in childbirth after spurting out 18 kids only two of which make it to adulthood while our beloved husbands work in the coal mine until they die?

I don’t know, I’ve got no clear idea what the non-feminist world Exador is fighting for would look like, but, if you read him, you know he’s fighting for it.   Just the other day, he was arguing that we should repeal the 19th Amendment and today he sends me an email titled, “Another Step Back for Feminism.”

Its contents?

Single Guys With Dirty Homes Call ‘Rent-A-Wife’

This, to me, seems like it either has no effect on feminism or moves it forward.   After all, men who want someone around to pick up after them can call this chick.  Men who want smooches can call me.  Men know not to smooch her because she doesn’t want it.  And men know not to expect me to pick up after them because I hate it.

I mean, really.  Again, we feminists find ourselves in the role of Br’er Rabbit.  “Oh, no, dirty-homed men!  Please, don’t go calling someone and paying her to clean up after you so that we don’t have to do it!  No, no.  That will set feminism back at least 25, maybe thirty years.  Please, I’m begging you, don’t pick up that phone!”

I kid, but I can appreciate a man with a goal (though, in fairness, it seems he has two goals–one to defeat feminism and the other to reverse the Council of Trent) and so, in honor of him working towards his goals, I will share with him now the secret to truly combating feminism.

Lean way in here, sweetie.



Mmmm.  That’s quite nice.

Naked pictures of you.  No, really, for every naked picture of you on the internet, two women turn their backs on feminism.

That’s all it takes.  Show us what you’ve got, big boy! 

10 thoughts on “In Which I Tell Exador the Secret to Truly Combating Feminism

  1. Ha ha, I was going to say eradication of sex-based oppression (the goal of feminism is, after all, to abolish the need for feminism), but your way works too.

  2. Well, tell Neil about it, not me. I’ve been laughing at him for that song ("just someone to keep my house clean/cook my meals/and go away") for 30 years now. I was just trying for a pithy summary of the Rent-A-Wife philosophy.I’ve never been the neatest person in my household, with the exception of one awful year when I had a roommate who left her clothes in piles on the floor where the cockroaches crawled all over them even in the daytime.

  3. And to think I was going to start a new business called "Hire-A-Husband". It would be to help single girls with their home repair needs. Like a broken screen door, for example.I have references.

  4. Same deal as last time. The hinges suck. It’s the bottom ones now, I think, though. I can’t remember what you did to fix the top ones.

  5. Remember, you went out and bought tiny little toggle bolts?Get The Butcher to help you muscle them in.At least that’s what I remember the solution being.

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