Ms. Moore, I Beseech You to Stop Digging

Y’all know how much I love the conservative soap opera.  Two installments today. 

First, Terry Frank takes Carter to task for being an elitist.  Be sure to check the comments both places for a subtle strain of “My millionaire can beat up your millionaire.”

But second, Sarah Moore acts like a dinkCoble calls her on it.  And Sarah Moore makes it worse.

Keep an eye out for the meat of Moore’s argument, which seems to be “Fat people don’t make me feel disgusted; they make me feel sad.  See, that’s totally different.  I’m not hostile; I’m patronizing.  And it’s okay to be patronizing; it shows you care.”

2 thoughts on “Ms. Moore, I Beseech You to Stop Digging

  1. I don’t know where to begin. There are a lot of things in the world that ‘make me sad’. Drug abuse. Most of the programming on the CW network.But do note how in the post on her blog Moore talks about how sad she is about the poor fat kids eating fries with their stupid fat parents (hyperbole mine), but in the comments over at NiT she spews the same tired nanny state party line about Obesity Being A Growing Public Health Crisis That Will Affect Us All. So she can say on her blog all she wants about her tears of grief for these chubby younguns but at heart she’s backtracking and cloaking her nannystatism. Because I’ve yet to hear one person refer to the Growing Obesity Health Crisis who ISN’T rooting for some type of intervention at heart.

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