11 thoughts on “Maybe My Next Project?

  1. Perhaps you would consider making a padded vibrator cozy for me. This one will do nicely.

  2. This was hysterical. I love the candor with which she describes the process from tip to balls. Ha! I have the most amusing image of the *fuzzy* balls in my head. When you make your *beanis*, will you please include some fuzzy balls? hee hee……

  3. Ok, I just checked out the womb. I LOVE that there are so many twisted people out there! Are you going to knit the *womb* to go along with *beanis*? You must!

  4. If only I could knit! Then I could whoop up a uterus, no problem. But alas, I cannot.Recovering Baptist, if you send me the measurments on your vibrator, I believe I can whoop up a cozy for you, no problem.I don’t have beads. I wonder if I can just use the stuffing I have for my teddy bears.

  5. The uterus project became a favorite stitch-and-bitch work in feminist knitting groups (yes, collective knitting and other textile work is very popular among third-wave feminists — part of the "clothing our own" initiative). Knitty.com coordinated a national effort to use them as a protest object to throw onto the steps of the Supreme Court. Knitty also is known for such objects as the "booby scarf" — a hilariously pink scarf with lots of lumpy boobs on it.Here’s the pattern for that:http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/knittyF04surp.pdf

  6. Will some of you crafty ladies *please* make a beanis/ womb/any-other-genital-parts-you-can-whip-up for me? I have no thread art skills. I have 2 inches of a scarf that has been languishing for 2 years. I’ll totally post pics on my blog and link to you. /begging

  7. Rachel, I will whip you up a beanis no problem if you get the yarn in the color you want and the beans. That’s crochet and I can do that. Though I’d prefer not to make you hairy balls as I don’t get along well with the furry yarn.

  8. I’m envisioning all kinds of new movies co-starring the beanis, the lambchop, and the frog puppets. Can’t you find someone to convert the knitting instructions to crochet, or does it not work that way? Is the beanis washable?

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