I’m Speechless

I don’t even know what to say. I’m like a girl with a new car. I want to drive around, zipping all over the internet in my shiny new blog, but I don’t know even how to turn the radio on.

Lynnster, I am so grateful to you, I don’t even know what to say.

Y’all, if you want to know how amazing this is to me, how awesome and how much it breaks my heart with happiness, just click here.

Did you see that?

My first post.

Here, at the same place as my most recent post.


So, yeah, update your bookmarks and update your feed.

29 thoughts on “I’m Speechless

  1. De nada, B. It’s been a pretty fun project, really, especially once I cleared the Blogger hurdles.

    All of us from-Blogger jumpers really really love WordPress so I’m hoping you’ll be happy here, surrounded by the comfort of all your 2400+ posts and 17,000+ comments in one place. :)

    And don’t worry, I’ll be sending you lots of keys to drive around with before the morning’s over, hehe.

  2. Well shoot… I was logged onto B’s account again and edited the time on mine real quick so you’d still think you were first, Mack. Oops, sorry! Hahaha…

    We’ll just pretend you were really first. B & I won’t tell anybody.

  3. Y’all, I am so excited. And Mag! I am tickled that you can comment again. We just have to wait to hear from Coble to see if she can comment, too, and then I can rest easy.

  4. KC should be able to, she’s been commenting at my digs some this week.

    There’s a switch I didn’t think about until recently where all commenters would have to be registered w/ WP in order to comment, but I turned that off on here. I think that’s why some other places were having trouble before.

    There’s also another switch in the Discussion section where you can moderate comments, and also another one where they would have to fill out at least a name and email address, but since Tiny Cat Pants has generally been anonymous commenter friendly I unchecked those too. But you can always recheck it if you want them to have to at least put in something in the name and email lines.

    Oh and you will love the comment spam catcher. It’s been working overtime for me lately. More on that and other goodies shortly :)

  5. Hello Aunt B. I’m not much of a blog commenter, preferring to keep my head down unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I share your joy over your new blog. When I finally made the switch to WordPress I felt I had at long last become a Woman.

  6. Congratulations, Aunt B. Welcome to the world of WordPress. This version is a lot better than previous ones. Make sure you have the spam blocker plugin installed, its pretty good! Yeah!!! Congrats.

  7. Woo hoo! I can see the tiny cat in his polka dotted pants again! Oh, how I’ve missed you, tiny cat in little pants.

    Nice new digs, B.

    Welcome to your new home!

  8. You have a Kleinheider category on the side which is just plain funny.
    I think that’s great.
    And I love the Yes, I’m Drunk. So what?
    I know you had these as tags, but seeing them is just friggin’ incredible.

  9. Nice. I do miss the red, though. (And I sort of think it’s cute that
    one tag trails off into “your silly moo”.)

  10. I know, Bridgett. Unfortunately in the available templates for WP.com (unlike WP.org which has a million, but it’s not free) it’s kind of lacking in the red department…. there’s one that was initially my first choice for B’s blog before this one got released (it’s a brand new template, just came out the other day) but the other one didn’t have custom header capability, plus I think something’s wrong with it ‘cos it didn’t look like it was supposed to as a blog as it did in the preview.

    If B wants to get creative with the CSS later she may be able to fix up something more similar to the last template or it may even be possible just to simply change the background color on this one – I haven’t worked with the CSS upgrade on WP so I don’t have any experience with it, but I know you can do a lot of stuff. Not quite as much as on self-hosted WP.org, but a lot.

  11. Saucy, you oughta set a WP blog and just play around with it and see, it’s free anyway. And there’s lots of cool stuff and bells and whistles.

    But one of the nicest things compared to Blogger? If something goes wrong, you can actually go to WP forums and they tell you what’s up. And if you need help from WP support and send a feedback/email? They usually answer within a couple of hours, if not immediately… instead of weeks or never like Blogger.

    Go for it, you’ll love it.

  12. whoohooo…Aunt B on WP!

    Kudos once again to the amazing Lynnster. She should get a stipend from the folks at the WP. It’s looking great, btw.

    How cool to read the first post. Very happy making.

    Congrats, Aunt B. And that spam catcher deal is incredible. I haven’t been spammed once since I’ve been on WordPress.

  13. Hey, congratulations and wooooo-hooooo! I hope you’ll be very happy at your new home. The new site looks cool, except that for a moment it was fluourescent lime green. Was that my computer being wierd, a brief experiment of yours that I ran into the middle of, or am I having flashbacks?

  14. I was learning the hard way that wordpress doesn’t have a way to preview templates without committing to them. I’m going to get familiar with how everything works and then get me something red. I miss the matching of the cat’s pants. But I do really like the green on this template, so that makes me happy. If I can get a red background, too, that will be perfect.

  15. That’s a relief. I spent the first half of the afternoon playing Guitar Hero, and I wasn’t sure what it had done to my head. Good luck on the color hunt.

  16. I know I’m late to the party since I was out of town, but welcome, welcome!

    With all your posts in one place, this can truly become the heavy nougaty center of my blogiverse. Let the revolving around begin.

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