If I Am the Woman the World Needs, The World is in Trouble

Fine.  I’m going to the blogger on the hill thing.  “Complainer in chief.”  You know when Adam “Tiny Pasture” Kleinheider and my dad start making similar jokes you’re in trouble.  Could we imagine if Kleinheider ever met my dad?  At first, it would be okay, because Kleinheider would just stand there all goofy and quiet.  But then my dad would say something cutting and snarky about me and the flood gates would open.  They’d be commiserating like two old war buddies about how mean I am.  They’d send each other Christmas cards.  They’d call each other once a month just to complain about how bossy I am.  They’d get my brothers on a conference call.  They’d love each other.  It’d be terrible.

5 thoughts on “If I Am the Woman the World Needs, The World is in Trouble

  1. I’m going to stay near my window all that day to see if I can hear the cursing coming from Legislative Plaza.

  2. I’m planning on behaving myself. I wonder if we’ll be allowed to blog while we’re there… I’m always excited about the opportunity to use my laptop.

  3. That’s a good question. If the answer is yes, I’m going to see if my boss will let me have those days off.

    Otherwise, I can’t go that long without my laptop.

    I wonder if they’ll give us Cheetos?

  4. I think you should compsose a special little poem containing vulgar language and pushing a
    a feminst and liberal agenda and slip it into Campy’s pocket when he’s not looking. He will be tainted(ha!) merely by association and potentially titilated later when he reads it.

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