Random Things–Questions, Questions

1.  I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, so maybe one of you who does can explain it to me, where do you get a tub large enough to fit two people in and do they come with that dude in them?

2.  Why does going to Chicago fill me with the need to sing Liz Phair to myself as I’m driving in my car?

3.  Is it okay to eat cookies for dinner?  I think it is.

4.  Is it stupider for the Butcher to teach the orange cat to fight the dog or for him to fight the orange cat himself?

11 thoughts on “Random Things–Questions, Questions

  1. 1. If you ever see an apartment advertised as “garden tub” it is worth it. God bless huge tubs. My kitchen is too small for even a garbage can, but the tub makes it worth it.

    2. Liz Phair is sleeping on the floor in Gainesville, Florida. No, maybe that was the other one. Deep voice. Umm, okay moving on.

    3. Cookies, fine. My buddy and I used to get a box of fresh hot glazed Krispy Kreme and have them for dinner. 3 would give me heartburn. Now I stick to half a bottle of Texas salsa. Burns worse but must be healthier. Right?

    4. Better to fight the cat himself. The cat and the dog will respect him more, and that’s what matters.

  2. 1. I don’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, but the answer to your question interests me!
    2. Never drove to Chicago…
    3. Of course it is! Cookies are good ALL the time!
    4. For the butcher to fight the orange cat – don’t really know why ‘tho…

  3. I have a tub that is definitely big enough for two people. Just happens that it will be for sale in a couple of weeks…… Must provide your own guy with it, but if you meet my asking price I”ll throw in enough chocolate to fill it up.

  4. 1) My next place will have a large garden tub. Large enough for 2 people. That is my pledge to myself.

    2) Have a great and safe trip to Chicago.

    3) Cookies: the breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of champions.

    4) I don’t know about the orange cat or if it makes a difference. I don’t see color.

  5. I love Liz Phair but, B, she’s also one of these people:
    LP: I’m from Chicago.
    Shill: Oh really, what part? I grew up in Edgewater.
    LP: Um, yeah, I grew up in Wilmette.

    Wilmette! But there is something road-trippy about her songs.

    Can’t wait to see you next week!

  6. I was listening to a Liz Phair CD from the ancient times this morning for some get out of bed and get accomplishing assistance, so maybe that’s just the theme for the area right now. Though I’ve had a lot of ACDC running through my head this week and I’m not sure what that could mean…

  7. Forgot to say – just like the Shill – I can’t wait to see you too. I keep thinking, wow, next week really is the week everyone will actually really be here. Have a good trip up here!

  8. 1) I think if one of the two people in question is as teeny-tiny as minuscule Ellen Pompeo, pretty much any tub would fit two people. But yeah, a tub that came preloaded with Patrick Dempsey would be a BIG selling point in today’s real estate market.
    2) Liz Phair is just that kind of songstress, despite the fact that I have to smoke like eight clove cigarettes, down a shot of something, and develop a serious head cold to hit those notes. Damn, but that woman sings low.
    3) I’ve stopped considering that there might be an appropriate time of day for foods. If I want to eat leftover meatloaf for breakfast, who’s to say boo? I live alone, and the cats don’t seem to care.
    4) Teaching a cat to fight is like teaching the proverbial pig to sing. Definitely better to fight the cat. ;-)

    PS: Have fun in Chicago! Nibble on Millard’s pudgy wee toes for me!

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