Well, At Least We Have that Nice Peter Gabriel Song

Newscoma brings us news on the state of women in the world in honor of International Women’s Day.  It’d be nice to believe that we are shaking the tree, but ‘coma’s post shows it’s more likely that the tree still shakes us.

Still, we should do something in honor of the day.  We can start small.  Let’s all promise to not rape or kill any women today.  See how that goes.

I’d like for us to be working on the idea that women are legal persons, but, as Bitch PhD reports, that’s a tough concept for us to wrap our heads around.

Would it be easier if women just belonged to the state, in quasi-indentured servitude where we were free to do as we liked until we got pregnant and then, bam, we are magically the property of the government, and thus reducible to evidence that a man (a legal “person”) has commited a crime or thus reducible to brood mare for that legal person or, in the event of that person being unlocatable, for the state?

Yes, I suppose it would be.


I give up.

I’m headed downtown to live at the state capitol.  After all, if I belong to the State, I assume the State has an obligation to feed and clothe me.

I hope they don’t mind if I bring my dog.  Oops.  I mean, the State’s dog.  I get lonely without her.

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