The Wee Highlander and Other Men Who Make Me Tear Up

1.  Not many folks can run around saying, “I’m Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod,” but there will come a day when Baby Sarcastro can (if he goes by his grandpa’s last name).  I hope to see his dad’s face when Exador buys him his first sword.

I also hope to get over to the hospital today to lay eyes on the wee Highlander.

2.  A man reading poetry is like a man in a good suit; if y’all had any idea what that did to those of us sexually attracted to you, you’d run around in suits with Bukowski in one pocket.

3.  Jebbo, your post ripped my heart out, took it for a walk around the block where it showed it tiny baby puppies who gave it tiny baby puppy kisses, and then returned it to me.  And that was before the part where you mentioned me.

4.  Yesterday, Mack said to me, “I like your voice, I like your face,” which tickled me but it got me to thinking that he’s not the first person to mention liking my voice, which means that, perhaps, I am closer to realizing a career in the phone sex industry than I give myself credit for.

5.  Smiley, are we going to lunch or what?

7 thoughts on “The Wee Highlander and Other Men Who Make Me Tear Up

  1. I didn’t even make the Highlander connection; wasn’t thinking of the MacLeod name…that is hysterical.

    As for men reading poetry, I’m split down the middle. Sometimes it’s a moving experience and sometimes it’s, well, not. Depends on the man and the poetry, I think. And the delivery. If you can do it like Leonard Cohen in ‘Take This Waltz’, then yeah. Hot city. However if you come off like Mike Myers in ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’, then just stop.

    For the record, I fully expect Chez Bez to be of the Cohen variety.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t mention the boob freckle.

    I have an uncle that recites poetry, I mean he is damn near a professional. He’s a retired heart surgeon, so he joined a poetry club near Fort Worth, and he has been traveling all over reciting poetry to enthralled crowds. I actually have a cd of him reciting various works. It’s calming. I like it.

  3. Coble, I kind of think Myers’s delivery in ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ has a certain charm to it. I’m ridiculous.

    Mack, oops, I thought you were gone. Good think I didn’t reveal my secret plot against you here yet. And I could totally see you becoming a professional poetry reciter (who even knew there was such a job?!). The next time we’re together, I expect to have some poetry read to me.

    Bridgett, I would love for him to say that every time he fought with his brothers. How hilarious would that be?

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