There Can Be Only One

I went over to see the Wee Highlander at lunch and he’s amazingly cute, which you can tell if you get drunk and squint at this picture.  He stuck his tongue out at me a couple of times, which makes me suspicious that his dad might have already had a little heart-to-heart talk with him about me.  Roger Abramson was there, as well.  That’s his lovely shirt and tie in the picture.

Mrs. Sarcastro looked fantastic and is in good spirits and is just as proud as can be.

Wee Highlander

6 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One

  1. The best part was when the baby looked up at me and said “suckhole.”

    Special moment.

  2. Sar —

    That may have been what he was trying to say when he was gurgling in the first part of the sentence, before “suckhole,” which was pretty clear. Makes sense now.

    I only held him for two minutes or so, so I don’t think he’ll turn gay or nuthin’. But no guarantees.

  3. Listen, you mugs. My pallet hasn’t fully developed yet, so get off my ass. How many of you were completing sentences your first day? It’s bad enough I had to sneak over to nurse’s station to write this.
    Now, get me some tit with a whiskey chaser!

  4. Awwwww …. congratulations from a total stranger to the Sarcastros! He looks as if he knows more than he can say at the moment (althoug not, apparently, more than he can post).

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