Overlooking Grant Park

So, here I am.  I’m just about heading to bed, but I missed blogging over here all weekend.  I don’t know that I had anything earth-shattering to say, but whatever.  It would have been nice to say it.

I’m in my traveling day funk.  I imagine it will be better tomorrow.  I’m going to see an old friend I haven’t seen in years.  That will be nice.  The Butcher let me borrow his camera, too, so I’ll try to remember to take some pictures.

My hotel looks out over Grant Park, supposedly.  It’s right across the street, but I have to lay my head up against the window and look out, because my window overlooks 11th Street.

Ah well.  I do have a pretty cool old building to look at.

I’ve just been thinking about how I want to spend my upcoming uteseta.  I talked to Mack and he’s going to let me come up there and sit out on his farm, which is really kind of him.  But that’s where my mind is–get through all this so I can do that.  I don’t mean that I won’t enjoy seeing friends; I will.  But I’ve just been thinking about what I will bring and how I will set up and wondering what it will be like and putting my heart there.

I guess it’s the other stuff.  The unbloggable stuff that’s become more difficult.

I just don’t want a repeat of Jacksonville.

That was really hard on me.

I guess that was obvious.