Drunk, with a capitol D that stands for drunk

I really hope I don’t puke.

So, I’m in the BSB at UIC and I need to go to the fourth floor and I get in and I press the button and it goes to the fourth floor and the door opens and my brain is all like out the door with ye because my brain is scottish and my body is all like well look at that, I pressed one again and so I came back down stairs and aye waited and stopped crying and went back in the elevator and pressed 4 and got to 4 and looked out and said move ye damn body and the body said going down and so we did.

I went to psychology and I said please take me up to four and push me off and make me go and the woman said my mom is afraid of elevators and so I know just what you’re going through and I said thank goodness and so she took me up and pulled me off and I thought I should have taken a picture so you could see for sure the things I cannot do.

I saw one of my oldest friends.  She had wet eyes and looked so kind.  We talked and talked and I was happy and drunker and drunk and now I hope I don’t throw up.

It was a shitty day and it was a marvelous day.

I took a cab.

I smiled.

I shut my eyes and the whole world spins.

I am lucky to have friends who know me like a path you take every day.

7 thoughts on “Drunk, with a capitol D that stands for drunk

  1. I hope you’re feeling ok this morning. I have a birthday cake hangover, which is all the yurg and none of the pleasant dizziness.

  2. Yep, what Cee said. My mom taught me that.

    Also, to prevent hangovers: drink as much water as possible and take 3 ibuprofen BEFORE you go to sleep. Works every time. My dad taught me that.

    Weird that my parents have been the most informative sources for drinking with as little pain as possible. Hmm.

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