I Have No Pants!

I forgot to bring pants.  I rarely wear them, but walking around the city is easier in pants than it is in a skirt.  And yet, I forgot to bring pants.  I hope the Church Secretary is prepared to walk very slowly around town tomorrow.

In other news, even though the Best Western is a little run-down, I am in love with it.

I was sitting in the lobby and someone tried to speak Spanish to me.  Some German folks tried to speak German to me, and my housekeeper is so cool I about wanted to ask her out for coffee.

I imagine it’d be Kleinheider’s nightmare.

Also, the little restaurant attached to it, whose slogan is “Living Food and Wine” has, both times I’ve eaten there, given me food so hot off the grill I had to wait for it to cool down in order to eat it.

In other words, my first day travel funk appears to have lifted.

I’m on the sixth floor of my hotel and I can hear jazz music.

4 thoughts on “I Have No Pants!

  1. *whine* I wanna be there! That sounds great.

    The weather is beautiful here today, so Diploma Boy & I went and ate outside at Baja Fresh. It was wonnnderful.

    No pants…got a Wal-Mart near you?

    *sigh* Back to work.

  2. Um, are we talking “trousers” here, as in “Mercy! Skirts are my only clothing option this week!” Or are we talking “tiny cat pants,” as in “Mercy! Skirts are my only! clothing option this week!!”

    I’m hoping you’re not in The Windy City, if so. And there are always opaque tights. Tights are often a more comfortable option, I find, than attempting to locate knickers that fit and are comfortable in a town whose shops you don’t know. (That’s one of the awkward risks in winter, for me; I wear so many layers, it’s fatally easy to forget the skirt, when I’m already wearing … tiny cat pants, tights, silk longjohns, and sillk/cashmere longjohns on top. Fortunately, there’s usually another complete set of clothes at work. Usually.

    I’m glad your travel conditions have improved. :) It sounds as if you’re in a good place – not to mention the hotel.

  3. Oh, lord, this is what happens when I read the blog entries in reverse; you ARE in The Windy City! Not that that was actually caused by my reading blog entries in reverse (which would be kind of intereesting, and would make me try other things in reverse, to see what would happen), but still!

    Perhaps you can find a hardware store which sells Tiny Cat Weights which can be sewn (or duct-taped) into the hems of your skirts while you’re there.

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