Maybe If I Had a Chauffer…

I was thinking how awesome it would be to be here with a driver.  I’d kind of want to call him Jack or Jake and I’d be all, “Hey, Jack, will you run me here?” or “I’m going to take a shower.  Why don’t you run out and get some breakfast?”

Did I tell y’all that I’m going to meet both Tatiana and the Church Secretary this week?

I am so excited and nervous as hell.  That’s going to be a hoot.

And I’m going to see the Shill and Tiny the Wonder Former-Fetus and all that is before the Super Genius’s wedding.

I’m planning on sitting down with the Super Genius’s fiance’s family on Friday and figuring out if and how we’re related.  My Grandma’s maiden name is the Mathlete’s mom’s maiden name and my grandma’s family is known for having eleventy seven children in each generation and so I am almost certain that, if you are from Michigan and have that last name, we’re probably related in some way.

My plan is to lean over and say “Do you remember when Grandpa Harry bought the elephant to farm his land with and Grandma Sadie made him take it back?” and if they say, “What?  I heard it was a musk ox.” then I’ll know.

It’d be weird to find that the Super Genius had accidentally married into our family.

But very, very cool.

10 thoughts on “Maybe If I Had a Chauffer…

  1. Wow, you have a great time up there. Tell Tatiana I said hi when you see her – I chatted with her quite a bit over the weekend (about WordPress).

    I’m going to work on getting all your photos out of SquareSpace this week, hopefully have that done by the time you get back. As well as Rachel’s blog (she should kill me, but last week and weekend were truly awful).

    Have fun!!!

  2. Lynn, you are the patron saint of bloggers. Here you are performing miracles every other second and still you’re like “I only wish I could do more.” More?! What you’re doing now is above and beyond the call of duty.

  3. If we were related by marriage, that would just be the awesomeness on top of the awesomeness. I would personally have to call your dad and be like, “Oh, Reverend,…..there’s Lutherans in the family!” I think then I might finally have a trump card in our Methodists v. Lutherans jokes for those rare times when I talk to your dad.

    There is a long lost and found branch of their family with two kids that got adopted when their parents died – so I am banking on that being our connection if nothing else…

  4. Discovering stuff like that is always so wierd, though sometimes fun. But … I just found out a month or so ago, while looking through some family tree stuff that a distant relative had put together, that the victim in a really notorious (in NYC) murder was a third cousin of mine. Now, what does one do with information like that?

  5. I am going to jump in for Aunt B (and hope I am not being horrifically rude by doing so) to say that this is not the Mathlete from the Rebel Outpost. I just named him that for two of his favorite activities in life – sports and math. Apparently, it is such a clever nickname, it keeps popping up all over.

  6. B! I can’t wait to meet you, too! Any thoughts on where you want to eat or drink? Looking forward to it.

    Lynn – HI!!!! I haven’t had 2 seconds to myself, but printed up your WordPress Bible and can’t wait to delve into it.

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