The Day in Photos

I spent a lot of time at lunch waiting for important phone calls.  Ha, okay, no, I actually spent a lot of time at lunch wondering if even Smiley would look dorky in a Cubs hat.


I wonder if “two” is enough to start a trend.  If so, then get ready for a trend in pictures of tile.


7 thoughts on “The Day in Photos

  1. I ADORE mosaics. I make them too. It’s painting with glass and tile.

    If you want to see some more beautiful ones, go visit the Cultural Center (I think it’s called now) the old Chicago Public Library building, between Randolph and Washington on Michigan Avenue. On the second or third floors are spectacular Tiffany vaulted mosaic ceilings.

  2. “s.i.t” is used as an IM abbreviation for “s’il te plait” (or Please, to us Omaricans). He wants us to know he doesn’t have something…but I’m not sure what a “coupan” is. Doesn’t even sound like anything…maybe he means “coupon” (which is slang for immigration documents, which would explain why he needs to get married?)

    Looks like he’s sit outta luck.

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