Let’s Neglect to Mention this to the Butcher

I’m staying at a hotel on the Butcher’s employee discount.  I had to promise that I would not behave in any way that might cause the hotel to have to fire him.

I just now put my bridesmaid’s dress in the bathroom, turned the hot water on in the tub, and shut the door in order to steam the wrinkles out.

I didn’t realize the bathroom door was locked.

Once I realized what I’d done, I ran to the front desk and said, “I have done the most dumbass thing in the history of hotel guests, I…”

And the guys behind the desk all started laughing and one of them said, “Oh, no you haven’t.  Whatever it is, the fact that you’re not covered in your own vomit just proves right there…”

So, they came and rescued me, which was very kind.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Neglect to Mention this to the Butcher

  1. lololol…and you took a moment to blog about it. Since I am the guest blogger over at NiT this weekend, you surely wouldn’t mind me telling the entire Nashville blogging community about this, as long as the Butcher doesn’t see it, right? ;)

  2. I feel an instant bond with the Butcher. And I have also let close friends use my hotel discount before and given them “the talk.”

    I’ve got stories, and yours is nowhere near the worst. In fact, it’s a pleasantly forgettable scenario you just mentioned. No offense to the story teller. ;)

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