Well, This Should Be Interesting

About halfway through the SuperGenius’s rehearsal dinner, I was struck ill.  I am hoping that, since there appears now to be nothing left in my system, that I am done being ill.

I feel fine other than that, so I don’t know if I ate something–maybe that chocolate shake on the way down here?  Or if the 50-person orgy I attended on Wednesday was not as carefully screened as they promised.

8 thoughts on “Well, This Should Be Interesting

  1. Wait, wait, wait. If that wasn’t you and your wife in the matching “Chez Bez” negligees, who did I lend my rental car to after the orgy?

  2. What a shame you weren’t able to cover yourself in vomit for the hotel people.

    Actually, perhaps they slipped you something in revenge for the bathroom stunt.

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