What You Care About

I’ll write up something more about the SuperGenius’s wedding when I’m feeling better, but for now I know there are a few burning questions on your mind.

1. What did the SuperGenius’s dress look like? Could she sit? And can B. respect her friend’s anonymity and still post a picture on the internet?


2. How cute did my hair still look some 14 hours after I got it done? And can I show you without getting my finger in frame? (The answer is “Only on the blurry picture.”)




3. Why don’t I wear my hair like that more often?


13 thoughts on “What You Care About

  1. that’s how it always begins..
    needles and pins.

    love that song, love your hair. Understand why we may not be seeing much of that ‘do back here in NashHooterVille.

  2. Ahhhh, the dreaded pin removal. It is worth every minute (but only if you are relatively sober – otherwise it SUCKS!) ‘cuz the ‘do looks fabulous! Hope you had fun & that you were feeling better after your bout of whatever the hell it was that was ailing you!

  3. The pile of pins reminds me of the aftermath of my wedding ‘do. By the time we were taking my hair down, it was about 4 am and I can remember just pulling pin after pin after pin…and then my hair tumbled down and showered the floor with rice.

  4. That’s a great ‘do! Bridgett, I had nearly the identical thing happen to me after my wedding. Pins and rice. Everywhere.

  5. From my head, Mr. Mack. From my head. This wasn’t one of those S&M weddings were the female guests all do up their pubic hair with bobby pins and glossy spray.

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