help wanted

needed: someone to bring me medicine and oj to the couch where i am stuck.  also must take the god damn dog out and bring me a wash cloth for my head.  PAY IS ALL THE CASH I HAVE, WHICH IS SIX DOLLARS.


6 thoughts on “help wanted

  1. Would you consider relocating to our couch, so I wouldn’t have to get
    out of my jammies and put on a bra?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Is this “god damn dog” the same as the one you couldn’t wait to get home to? LOL.

    Seriously, I think the entire city of Nashville is sick today. NiT is a ghost-town. I wish I could run over and bring you something, I’m stuck home with kids. Sleep, kiddo. Drink all the fluids you can. The dog can wait for the Butcher to get home.

  3. Hey girl, I’m right down the street from you…I will probably get out of here (work) around 6pm, so if you need me to bring you something I will. I’m sick already, so we don’t need to worry about giving each other our crud. Do you still have my number?

  4. Hey B, I hope you’re feeling better. I was in the same state yesterday. It was so bad my mom actually came over. (If y’all knew my mom you’d fall out of your chairs.)

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