NCIS & Class of 3000

–The Butcher and I have a little contest every week to see who can guess the end of NCIS first.  This week, I won, before the show was even half over.  Woo hoo!

–Is it wrong to watch Class of 3000 in part to see if either Exador or the recalcitrant brother makes a cameo appearance?  I know they’re not drawn but think about it just for a second–wouldn’t they make awesome cartoon characters?

Argh, Toby Keith

Where the heck is Toby Keith’s chest hair?!  Look, here is evidence that he used to have some.  And yet, in his new video with the maintainance man who seems to be in love with a Jenny McCarthy-looking stripper, he appears to be totally bald-chested.

I don’t know why this bugs me but it totally seals the deal on my Toby Keith hate*.

*Which, I’ll be honest, is the kind of hate that ends up either in smooches or fisticuffs.

The Lesson I Have Learned from the Cats

It is important to wake up so that one can go to the bathroom, eat a little something, and get back to the business of napping.  I have to say that I’m feeling tremendously better than I was before my nap, which is disconcerting, because I still feel bad and so I guess I’d been misjudging exactly how awful I felt in the first place.

In other news of a disconcerting sort, there’s only caffeine-free Diet Dr Pepper in the fridge.  I swear, every time I hear some “Christian” numbnuts go on about how he cannot help but hate gay people because the Bible is making him,  I think, if you’re going to spend so much time harping on an “abomination,” why not task yourself with the abomination of caffeine-free Diet Dr Pepper?

Clearly, some things threaten the fabric of our culture more than others and I see nothing more obviously fabric-threatening than Diet Dr Pepper with no caffeine.

God damn!  Where is the Butcher when I need him to rectify shit like this?  Oh, yes, he thinks I’m at work.

My Own Bed

I keep meaning to say that I missed my bed and find that, when I climb in it at night, I let out one well-pleased grunt.

I’m going to try to go to work today.  I slept twelve hours Sunday night and nine and a half hours last night and I still feel kind of crappy, but a lot better.  I really feel like if I could just get my fever to break, I’d feel almost human again.

I had this dream last night or the night before that Mack and John H were worried that I’d be too sick to properly prepare to sit out and so they built me a small circular wall out of stones and also a turret.  I don’t know why they thought I would need a turret, but it was nice.

I am worried that I’ll still be sick.  I know it’s only Tuesday and so I’m trying not to be despondant yet, but I had kind of set myself a marker by the whole thing, like I’ll just do this thing on Saturday and use it as a point on which to pivot.

So, I’m trying to strike a balance between willing myself to be better (I’m going to at least try to go into the office today) and not push things too hard.