Argh, Toby Keith

Where the heck is Toby Keith’s chest hair?!  Look, here is evidence that he used to have some.  And yet, in his new video with the maintainance man who seems to be in love with a Jenny McCarthy-looking stripper, he appears to be totally bald-chested.

I don’t know why this bugs me but it totally seals the deal on my Toby Keith hate*.

*Which, I’ll be honest, is the kind of hate that ends up either in smooches or fisticuffs.

9 thoughts on “Argh, Toby Keith

  1. Nah, it didn’t take waxing. Him and Natalie just had a little fight, that’s all.

    Sometimes I don’t hate Toby Keith, because he really sings so well and he sings real country music and he does it his way. But mostly I hate him worse than all the non-singers and the pop-is-country-now crowd, because unlike them he has all those fantastic tools but he only uses them to demonstrate what an ugly thing the overinflated male ego can be.

    Last night I went to hear Ray Price, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson sing together. I think of it as the We Were Stoned And Missed The Whole Thing Tour. Toby shoulda been there taking notes.

  2. NM, exactly. As we all know, I have a huge soft spot for men who walk around with a little cocky swagger and so I want to like him so much and yet… I keep waiting for him to use his powers for good, but every chance he gets to write or sing some song about vaguely stalking a girl he kind of thinks is a bitch, he takes it.

  3. My brother play bass in a pretty good (regionally popular) country band. They often open for touring acts on their way up and on their way down. He says that TK is the biggest asshat he’s ever been around in his twenty-five years of being almost famous — a real waitress-harassing, too-small-hat-wearing, entitled son of a bitch. Since my bro usually is unphased by run-of-the-mill jerky behavior and mostly doesn’t comment at all on anyone he works with…well…

  4. Dale Watson’s fine with me. He’s too hung up on being anti-Nashville, though. I think it’s hurt his career. See, I’m not one of those who thinks that mainstream is inherently evil. I just think Toby Keith is a jerk wasting his talent. And if B’s right and he waxed his chest, there will be lots and lots of opportunities to mock him, and I will enjoy that.

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