Luckily, Mrs. Wigglebottom Eats Dog Chow

Sharon Cobb has a list of all of the affected pet foods in the recall.  I haven’t seen a concise easy-to-use list until now, but Sharon’s is, so check it out.

On a side note, how pissed would I be if I bought Iams or Eukanuba thinking that you can’t get any better food for your pet only to discover that they get their ingredients from the same place Save-a-lot dog food does?

5 thoughts on “Luckily, Mrs. Wigglebottom Eats Dog Chow

  1. I was thinking that yesterday. It’s like one of those sick cartoons where everything goes into the mix at the top and there are three or four faucets where the same mix gets diverted into seperate piles.

  2. Bless Purina’s heart, too, talk about brand loyalty. I feed it to my pets because my parents fed it to their pets. That’s not really a good reason for doing something, but folks who do try to make wiser choices by say, feeding their pet food they get at the vet’s–usually Iams or Eukanuba–end up with this problem.

  3. For the record, I am pretty sure Kroger’s Pet Pride brand dry food is the same as regular Purina Dog Chow. It looks and smells exactly the same – if not, it’s close.

    On the other hand, I DON’T recommend the Pet Pride version of Purina’s Indoor Cat Formula dry food and this is entirely based on cat taste test. They eat the Purina (and sometimes the Meow Mix indoor). The Pet Pride looks like the Purina, but my cats won’t touch it. And they’re generally not that picky, I can’t think of any other dry food they have absolutely refused to eat, ever.

    It could be that the dogs are just less discriminatory (I mean come on, they eat socks, paper towels, and cat poop too). But Pet Pride made a significant change in the way theirs looked at about the exact same time Purina made the change in Dog Chow, so I’m betting it all comes from the same batch.

  4. I feel pretty lucky that I don’t feed my animals wet food. I’m pretty picky about the dry food I feed them- I feed them dry food that has no animal byproducts and no corn. The cats, additionally, eat organic food.

    Yes, it is expensive, but since I cut corn from their diets, my cat Spike has had at least 50% fewer asthma attacks and my dog has not had one single allergy outbreak. This saves tons of money on vet visits- I have to tell myself that every time I pay over $40 to buy bags of food for them.

  5. I’ve been that route, kinda, Ivy. My Lab and her son, who are no longer with us, both had allergic dermatitis probs and we were on the lamb and rice food for years, at my vet’s suggestion. The first time I went to buy a bag after that my eyes about dropped outta my head at the price, but it really does help when they have problems like that.

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