My Own Bed

I keep meaning to say that I missed my bed and find that, when I climb in it at night, I let out one well-pleased grunt.

I’m going to try to go to work today.  I slept twelve hours Sunday night and nine and a half hours last night and I still feel kind of crappy, but a lot better.  I really feel like if I could just get my fever to break, I’d feel almost human again.

I had this dream last night or the night before that Mack and John H were worried that I’d be too sick to properly prepare to sit out and so they built me a small circular wall out of stones and also a turret.  I don’t know why they thought I would need a turret, but it was nice.

I am worried that I’ll still be sick.  I know it’s only Tuesday and so I’m trying not to be despondant yet, but I had kind of set myself a marker by the whole thing, like I’ll just do this thing on Saturday and use it as a point on which to pivot.

So, I’m trying to strike a balance between willing myself to be better (I’m going to at least try to go into the office today) and not push things too hard.

2 thoughts on “My Own Bed

  1. I feel your pain…I went to bed at 7:15pm last night. I’m single this week (child on Spring Break w/ daddy’s family), and am determined to go out after work every night. Oh well, the bright side is that if she were here, I wouldn’t have been able to go to bed that early. I feel better today. Hope you improve, too.

    A turret? What, did they think you were a gerbil in your dream?

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