Holy Sh[oo]t!!!

Y’all.  I am dying of delight.  I’m eating my Frosty Fix & Mix with M&Ms.  I’m wondering if I’ve ever used that many ampersands in a sentence in my life and I am about falling out of my chair.

As you may recall, Plimco made me enter a contest and so I whooped up a little play and that part was easy.  The tough part, which required a lot of whining and flouncing about and Sarcastro telling me to grow the fuck up, was revising it.  But I did.  And I submitted the revised version and I waited and waited and waited.

Today I learned that they’re going to perform my play as part of their summer festival of yumminess.

My play.

With real actors who will really act!

And get this!  When I called my dad to tell him, he said that it was neat and that he was proud and he didn’t say one thing mean to undercut it (Perhaps when Kat slipped into bizarro world, she took my dad with her?).

It’s just the kind of day when you want to lean back in your chair with a big ole grin on your face and say to yourself under your breath “What the fuck?  No, really, what the fuck?”

36 thoughts on “Holy Sh[oo]t!!!

  1. Aiiiiiiieee! Oh, hell, shit, damn, baby! (When one runs to vulgarity, it’s hard to find the right combination of cussing to celebrate such an accomplishment.)

    I know I had nothing to do with this, but this seriously just makes my day. You’re coming to NYC, right? I get to finally meet you and see this play produced, right?

    I think I’ll just go somewhere and shake my butt to some good loud music in your honor.

  2. I don’t want to out Plimco if she doesn’t want to be outed, but this will be performed in a big city on the east coast that is not NYC, but is famous for Baked Beans, Sam Adams, and the world premiere of my play, which, hopefully, will not be too shitty!

  3. Even better! That’s only two hours from my house and I go there all the time. (That was a very Jo(e) description of the town.)

    Yeah, duh. Shouldn’t be outing people…sorry Plimco.

  4. Ha. Yeah. That was smooth there, B. Sigh. Oh well. None of your people read me, so I’ll just be like another actor to them. I won’t put “Plimco” in the program. They’ll have to guess.
    But yeah, I can’t believe this is happening.
    It’s so fucking cool.
    B, remember when you gave me my first tarot reading when I was on the way to that big cattle call audition in North Carolina? It was the first time we met, when you were living in that house with Dr. J and that other person. Only Dr. J wasn’t there. And you just made me feel so welcome. And I was so nervous and shitting myself about to go to that big honking audition all alone, auditioning for an acting internship… And you pulled that card, that wheely card. Fortune? Or something. And you said that it was neat because there were just so many directions it could go. I think about those two versions of ourself sitting across that coffee table from each other… I mean, if you could tell them this? That this would be happening 8 years (Is that right?) later? That you would write a play that would be produced in a big city that I would possibly perform in some day? Dang. I think our heads would have exploded.
    It’s just so fucking neat. Yay.

  5. Wooooooo! *dances about*

    There’s next to no chance that I’ll be anywhere near that coast in the near future, but if I’m there, and the play is running, I’m totally going to see it.

    Regardless of whether I see it or not, I’m soooooo thrilled! You made it!

    *grins* (We) Told you so!

  6. That’s terrific, B!! Wait until the SuperGenius gets back from her honeymoon and hears about this. She will be thrilled!! Congrats!!!

  7. Way to go, B!!

    I think you doubted yourself and your talents more than any of us did. It just goes to show that hard work pays off, and that a little bit of artistic angst never hurt anybody. Hell, it’s a requirement.

    I’m so happy for you!

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  9. I’m so happy for you! And to think, I have an early draft on hand that’ll be worth something someday!

  10. Wow. Color me totally impressed. I knew that if they had any brains/taste/smarts on that selection committee, you’d be in. Glad to hear they understand…


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