Let’s Talk Frank About Kleinheider

Are conservatives in this state insane, is Carter damn near omnipotent, or is Fred Thompson the Right’s Tinkerbell?

Ha, in all fairness to you, dear readers, the thesis statement of this post is so awesome that there is no way that the rest of it can be anywhere near as good.  I just feel like I should say that upfront.  But let’s go forward anyway, shall we?

We need to turn our attention to this post over at Terry Frank’s place, written by one Wes Kliner in order to answer our thesis question, to this portion of his post in specific:

Throughout the state of Tennessee, conservatives and Republicans are excited about the momentum building in the “Run Fred Run” campaign. Yet standing in the face of this overwhelming tsunami of support, both in Tennessee and across the United States, there is the strident voice of one who unswervingly prognosticates that Fred will not run. Who? — Adam C. Kleinheider [emphasis mine]

Seems that Adam suspects the group he now panders to at WKRN will not keep him in “boxed wine and peanut butter” if he jumps on the “Draft Fred Thompson” bandwagon. Talk about your ultimate philosophical sellout.

Adam … in your commentary above you say “Then I bagged the elephant.” No, unfortunately, it seems that the “elephant” WKRN bagged you. Pre- Mike Sechrist you were ACK. Post-Mike you have become Adam. For the almighty dollar, you have now sold out your conservative ethos to pander to a more diverse group than those who “brung ya to the dance.”

Fred needs to run. And Adam, you need to come clean.

America, let us close our eyes together and savor this.  Because, really, this could not be any funnier.  Read this again:

Yet standing in the face of this overwhelming tsunami of support, both in Tennessee and across the United States, there is the strident voice of one who unswervingly prognosticates that Fred will not run. Who? — Adam C. Kleinheider

In what bizarro world is this a problem?

Kleinheider’s making a guess.  He could be wrong.  He could be right.  He’s just guessing that Thompson won’t run.

And yet, Kliner is so intimidated by Kleinheider’s mad guessing skills that he takes up a whole long post at Frank’s denouncing Kleinheider.


Is it possible that Kleinheider is so powerful that he alone can keep Thompson from running just by sheer force of will?  Have the Republicans in the state of Tennessee gone commie on us so that if just one conservative is not in accord with everyone else, they cannot act, lacking, as they do, group consensus?

Or is Fred Thompson Tinkerbell, where everyone has to clap as hard as they can and really believe in him or he can’t come back from the political dead?

The whole thing is very strange.

But, if you see Carter walking around with a little extra swagger in his step this weekend, I don’t think it’s just that he’s got to make room for the cell phone, it’s got to also be that he’s been promoted to most powerful conservative in the nation.

26 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Frank About Kleinheider

  1. I found this equally amusing. I’m sure you can relate when I say that Adam makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. But, from what I have seen from the Conservative line-up here in Tennessee, he stands out, because he is thoughtful and at times, even wonderfully independent. Head and shoulders smarter than the field. Thompson doesn’t have the star power of someone like Arnold, and he knows it. Kleinheider is right.

  2. I’ve never “crap” written with an “s” at the end. I thought “crap” was just “crap.” Goes to show I guess.

  3. I often disagree with Carter. His stance on gay rights boggles my mind as does his position on immigration and pro-choice issues.
    And yet … I respect him. I have to cheerfully agree to disagree with him on so many things because I DON’T AGREE but if I have the right to say my peace, so does he.
    He does surprise me with some thoughtful commentary. I have defended him on my blog and with other lefties. It’s amazing to me that he takes more heat from conservatives than he does liberals at times (but so does Abramson, who is my new favorite lean-toward-the-right read.)
    Apparently some of them like Frank want him to fit in some sort of one size fits all conservative box, which he obviously refuses to do.
    And as for the author of Frank’s “column”, I’m guessing these two got what they wanted. He was a candidate at some point, wasn’t he? I don’t usually go over to Frank’s because of the shrillness factor but I did go to this one.
    So, she got what she wanted. People to come over, we did and it was due to Carter.
    And after the non-stop lovefest that Michael Silence has been giving Fred Thompson, I’m glad to see ACK not jumping on the bandwagon.
    This has nothing to do with Carter or Frank, but I really don’t want to see Thompson in the White House.
    My opinion … that’s all.

  4. I know she said it because she didn’t want to use the word “shit” on her blog, but as I think about it, what “chicken craps” has in alliteration it loses in assonence.

    I still think “Chickenshits” sounds better.

    But ‘chicken craps’ sounds like one of those carnival games, like when chickens play Bingo.

    I picture a bunch of chickens in a line singing “Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game In The Barn”.

    From the new musical, Cocks And Hens.

    Oh, it just makes me laugh and laugh.

  5. Ohhhhh! “Chickenshits”. That completely escaped me. I’m serious; it really did. I thought she was going for “people full of crap” who were also cowards or something.

    I didn’t think it was possible, but now it’s even funnier.

  6. Fred is not a conservative and I couldn’t care less if he ran. There is not much difference between the top republicans and even the top democrats running… all want More Government..

    Ron Paul is the only announced candidate that will get my vote!

  7. well, chicken craps, Newcoma..why don’t you come on over to Nashville and go hear Slarti tonight with Lynn and me..nothing like a trip to Ashland City!

  8. Well chicken craps, I wish I could. Thinking about a non-work trip in the next couple of weeks, John.
    I hate it when I have to work, but that’s everyday. :O

  9. About a month ago when I made fun of her obsession regarding Bredesen’s Xmas card.

    She started the name calling, and without a shred of irony, issued her little edict about name-calling.

  10. Well, Sar, that was a real chicken crap move.

    I don’t know…it’s kind of growing on me.

  11. OK…no…thought some more. It just doesn’t work. It sounds as lame as it does when people say “Hades” rather than “Hell” in an effort to, I don’t know, not say “Hell” or something. I vote nay.

  12. I may be sorry, but I’ve gotta ask:

    Micky – what has Fred Thompson done that disqualifies him from being a conservative? Are all the current ‘mainstream’ GOP candidates non-conservative..even Brownback?

    curious in Nashville.

  13. OMG! At B’s behest, I followed the link at the bottom of this thread, and watched the video. All I can say is, hail to Kleinheider. I’m going to devote the rest of this evening to coming up with a nickname to due that man justice. Kleinrocket. Logheider. Give me time. This news gets out, Exador’s new nickname will be stubby. B had better hope Ginger doesn’t catch that performance, or Channel 2 will need to hire extra security to keep her at bay. You can run, Adam , but you clearly can’t hide…

    Somewhere, Ron Jeremy is crying in his beer….

  14. Oh my god! Ginger would be such an amazing match for Kleinheider! She’s strong and feisty and brilliant and could appreciate a phone like that. And she’d keep him on his toes.

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