Random Things–More Questions

1.  If I put a song on my iPod, can I get it from my iPod onto my computer?  How?

2.  All the cool kids do Friday Random Top Tens.  How do I get my iPod to spit me out ten random songs?

3.  I’m feeling better, but not great.  I just realized that I’m going to have to take my cell phone out with my on Saturday in case I need to call Mack to come and rescue me.  On a scale of one to ten, how pathetic is that?

4.  Has anyone heard from the Bloggers on the Hill folks?  I’m still planning on showing up on Monday.

5.  Are a huge perverse love-hate man-crush on Roger Abramson and a squealing delight with Lee enough to declare today boy-crush day?  I have to tell you that when Abramson does his Kaus impression it about sends me.

6.  When will I be able to breathe again?

11 thoughts on “Random Things–More Questions

  1. No need for the cell, B, we have walkie talkies here for just that kind of thing. The kids hate it when I call them to bring me some iced tea out to the barn. It’s a long walk, you see. Sometimes, I tell them to bring me another right away. I don’t know why that tickles me so…

  2. The only (legal) way to pull a song from the iPod onto a computer is to have it loaded into your partitioned iPod as a data file, instead of having it in iTunes as a song file.

    Of course, I’m sure there are probably myriad bits of shareware that you can find all over the internet that will allow you to transfer songs from the iPod into the computer. Of course that’d be a violation of the DRM agreement, and technically a copyright violation.

  3. Hey B!
    On the iPod thing. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think there is a way to transfer songs from your iPod to your computer. Check out this link for a tutorial on advanced features.


    Something about creating a file in iTunes on the computer you got the songs from, then dropping the file onto your iPod, then dropping the file into iTunes on the computer you want it on. The tutorial explains in better.

    What kind of iPod do you have. On the Nano, you can choose “Shuffle Songs” from your main menu, and it will just randomly shuffle all of the songs. From iTunes on your computer, you can choose “Party Shuffle” which does the same thing, but you can pick how many songs are on the shuffle, and then save them to a playlist.

    I’ve just had my iPod for about a week so I’m still learning, but this is what I’ve discovered so far!

  4. How did you get a song on your Ipod that is not in your Itunes list on your computer?

    You can put all kinds of music files from multiple sources into Itunes (you will just have to set the file type to one Itunes is friendly with and it will act as your Music Manager and dump anything you want into your Ipod.

    Here’s a hint–for easier music management create “Playlists” and then put the music on your Ipod. You can have the choice of themed music chunks to play with and add/remove at will or you can still use the “Shuffle” feature or “Play all music” to hear everything that is on the Ipod. This will help keep everything in your Library from being synced onto your Ipod everytime.

    What did you name your Ipod?

  5. MOA–

    That’s what Iwas talking about when I said ‘data file’ versus music file.

    An iPod can be used as a data-transfer device if you partition the hard drive.

    “How did you get a song on your Ipod that is not in your Itunes list on your computer?”

    saraclark, I’m betting that she wants to transfer a song from her personal computer to her office computer–or vice versa. That’s usually when this issue crops up.

    And it pissed me off because when I first got an iPod I was wanting it to do exactly that–carry songs I’d bought for my office computer and install them on my home computer.

    No such luck.

  6. If the songs on computer A were bought from iTunes, you can transfer them to computer B. When you connect your iPod with songs purchased on computer A to computer B, there is an option under File-“Transfer purchases from iPod.”

    The first time you try this iTunes asks you to register computer B with the same account information as the account on computer A. Then you can move iTunes purchases between computers. Otherwise the only way I have figured out is to do the whole changing them to data files before loading them to your iPod.

    But I have to admit I’m not really good at that.

  7. When I have dealt with an ipod in the past the first thing I did was wipe it and put Rockbox (http://www.rockbox.org/) on it instead. Not for the faint of heart, but it makes it so you can just copy mp3s back and forth from/to it without having to update a database or anything silly like that.

  8. I see, Kat, I see. When I wanted to carry songs between Computer A and Computer B, I
    went the low tech method and just burned a CD from one list and loaded it into the other. I kept my iTunes lists/databases seperate. My iPod is a monogomist and has only ever synced with one partner. I was trying to avoid any Mac/PC silicon fever issues.

    Trading music files via thumb drive works too.

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