The Butcher Makes a Prediction

So, Mack is hell… no, not quite hell… heck bent on transforming me from a charming, and yet surly recluse, to a charming and yet surly person who does shit.  And so tomorrow he’s going to take me out 4-wheeling.

I told the Butcher this.  He said, “You’ll end up crying.”

“Do you think so?”

“Is it you?  Are you trying something new?  Yeah, there will be some tears by the end of the day.”

I would love to refute him with actually facts that prove otherwise, but nothing springs to mind.

And, for some reason, I just drooled all over myself.  Bleh.  I hope this “four wheeling” doesn’t require that I have basic control over my motor functions, because I don’t appear to be that skilled.

14 thoughts on “The Butcher Makes a Prediction

  1. Ginger! You about made pop come out my nose! You are hilarious.

    But as for your legitimate point, I can only guess that gentleman farmers from LA have a different way of contacting the ancestors than we midwestern girls. I just hope I’ve sufficiently explained to him that the point is to just contact the ancestors not to go over to stay with them.

  2. I know this is not original, but damn Ginger, you do tickle me.

    B – watch out for those sudden stops..those gentleman farmers have some pretty smooth moves.

  3. Ahem, Hutchmo, she will be astride her own powerful, sleek, fast and exciting machine. I worship B from afar. When she’s close by, I kinda like to challenge her….

  4. Make jokes, Tart, you’ll get your turn….bring the Hutch with ya, we’ll be the guys laughing our asses off while you scream hysterically and plow into a thicket of briars…

  5. HA! You think I’ve never been astride a powerful, sleek, fast and exciting machine? I might be screaming, but I’m enjoying it!

  6. Tell The Butcher to hush, you will be just fine, I know it.

    PS Tiny Cat Pants is hanging in the Top 100 WP blogs still. It briefly dropped out while you were on your trip but you’re rockin’ & rollin’ again this week. :)

  7. Riding a four-wheeler is fun but Squirrel Queen doesn’t like it when I beg to ride one. As she is a “country” girl, the idea of riding four-wheelers in not the romanticized one I have.
    You’ll have fun. It’s weird and exhilirating.
    If you cry, that’s fine too.
    I sometimes cry when I’m doing something new.
    Joy also makes me cry.
    I’m weird.

  8. I’m still working on the permutations of jokes involving ‘riding astride a powerful, sleek, fast exciting machine’.

    I would ask my wife if she can relate to any of that, but I’m afraid she would only pick one of those words…

  9. John, as long as she picks “exciting” nothing else matters, I don’t think.

    ‘Coma, you may be required to take up residence on my couch and say supportive things when the Butcher is dismissive.

    Mack, we’ll have to see. I think I liked it better when you were in awe of me.

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