A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I will probably never post for you my Friday Random Ten again, because doing so requires ambition and the ability to carry out a plan week after week and I think we all know I don’t have that.

But for one Saturday I can give you my Friday random top ten:

1.  “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”–Nirvana (Hey!  This is my absolute favorite Nirvana song!)

2.  “Eyes on the Prize”–Bruce Springsteen

3.  “We Shall Overcome”–Bruce Springsteen (I thought this thing was supposed to be random.  Is my iPod trying to encourage me to join the Sit-in Movement?)

4.  “Grim Reaper Blues”–Entrance

5.  “Perfect World”–Liz Phair

6.  “What Makes You Happy”–Liz Phair (I’m doubting the randomness of my randomizer.)

7.  “St. Theresa”–Joan Osborne

8.  “No Headstone on my Grave”–Esther Phillips (If you don’t like this song, I’m not sure we can be friends.)

9.  “Old Dan Tucker”–Bruce, again.  Much like Mrs. Wigglebottom, my iPod seems to have an inexplicable crush on Bruce.

10.  “Crazy in Love”–Beyonce!

I wonder if I have a cat picture to put up…


7 thoughts on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. Yup. I’ve had the CD three times, killing it from overuse each and everytime (and also because I’m very bad of taking care of my things.)
    Right Hand Man is really good and for some reason I love singing Spiderweb as loud as I can in my car.
    Just makes me feel good.

  2. I give a shout out to “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. I’m not a regular fan of hers, but I love the horn section in that song. Plus, it takes me back to “another place and time.” :)

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