Sitting Out Outside

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect space to sit out than in the back yard of Mack’s little cabin.  He and his family stayed up on top of the mountain and left me to my own devices down in the holler.

I was next to a creek and the moon and the stars peeked through the bare trees.

It’s hard for me to talk about all this woo-woo stuff without feeling silly and self-conscious, so I won’t except to say that it was both incredibly ordinary and mysteriously amazing.

I would do it outside all the time, if I could.

6 thoughts on “Sitting Out Outside

  1. I like doing it outside too. ;)

    God, what is wrong with me this weekend? I am full of double entendre and innuendo. I need to get laid.

  2. Ginger, I wish I could help you. Alas, I am a lass and I don’t think I’m what you’re looking for. Even though I didn’t intend my meaning as such anyway.

    Regarding the utiseta, I imagine you had the perfect night for it, as well as the perfect setting.

    Somehow having a creek nearby with the flowing water symbolising the flowing of life seems strangely appropriate.

    Seeing as how I’m a woo-woo type of person I do wish you’d discuss the woo-woo more. (Woo-woo being in this case the practice of types of mysticism and not some juvenile slang for penis. Although talking of penises isn’t all bad.) I think Christianity could do more if we’d explore the woo-wooness of THAT faith. I’ve never seen so many people so great at taking a religion centering around a GodMan and resurrection of the dead that acts so complacently ordinary as does modern Christianity.

    Any rate, I’m glad you had a good experience with it.

  3. I’m with Kat – I don’t know how comfortable you are writing about it, and sharing those experiences, but I would love to hear more about “the woo-woo.”

  4. To borrow an old saying…

    “There is beauty in simplicity.”

    I like hearing about the “woo-woo” things in life, too. Those are the best things in life.

  5. I’m so glad you had a great weekend… it does good for the soul, doesn’t it? I’ve never been 4-wheeling but always thought it looked like fun. Unless it’s like riding a go-kart – then I’d pass in favor of not wetting my pants.

  6. Kat’s killin me here. Really? It’s ok to toss around penis references with reckless abandon? Alright, what about pecker? Woody? Old weird wobbly guy. Pocket rocket. Man meat. Staff of life. Or, with a nod to ACK-meister….cell phone?

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