Blogger Day on the Hill Eve

Today is Blogger Day on the Hill Eve and so the festivities start this afternoon at about 4:30.

I need to email Kara Watkins and ask her if we can bring our laptops and, if so, if it’s possible to blog from the capitol.

If so, then I will bring you up to the minute hilarity as it occurs, presuming any does occur.  My goal for the event is to just lay eyes on Stacey Campfield.

Mack’s goal, though… I can’t say for certain.  When last I talked to him, he was plotting against Kleinheider, and designing the official t-shirt of the Aztlan East movement*. 

I’m not sure Blogger Day on the Hill, sponsored by Republicans, is the best time to announce your leftist revolution, but who am I to say?

*From the Manifesto: “WHEREAS Huitzilopochtli’s people already keep the Southeastern United States running and WHEREAS the indiginous peoples have been run off or rounded up and WHEREAS the threat of secession is so damn popular in this region; we hereby declare our intentions to take over the states that formerly made up the Confederacy with the intention of keeping them in sympathy with Mexico until a point when they can be turned over to the Mexican people for real.”

6 thoughts on “Blogger Day on the Hill Eve

  1. Love the blog!

    I am starting a new blog to call Terry Frank on her lies and hate, and would appreciate traffic and publicity. I hate to pimp my blog on another blog, but TCP is one of the blogs I know that references that crazy person. I think it’s important to slap down a new Ann Coulter wanna-be before the Faux New people or somebody gives her a real stage.

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