Live Blogging the AG Meeting

We’ve all been told that the AG committee meeting is going to be contentious so the computers are out and I’m typing away. I can’t tell if Kleinheider has managed to get online yet. Mack has his usual look of detached interest going on. And the room is full of kids all dressed in red. On the one hand, clearly, they’re having fun because they’re out of school. On the other hand, they have to behave. So, I can’t tell if they’re enjoying themselves or not.

I see from a distance that Kleinheider is online, so check wiht him for actual facts. I think we all know there will be no facts to be had here.

The rumor is that the two contentious things up for discussion are the tobacco tax (Republicans wonder why we’re raising taxes if there’s a budget surplus, yet they feel like they’re being asked to vote against youth health.) and the hog dog bill.
Ooo, we’re starting with the tobacco bill.

Republicans are pissed that they’re being portrayed as “tools of the tobacco lobbiests” by the governor. Oh, and here comes the “tax increase with a $400 million dollar surplus” line.

And here they come complaining about how much money is spent on education. I get their point, but I’ve got to tell you, Republicans, you’ve got to find a way to talk about education that doesn’t make you sound like you hate learning. Or the teachers’ unions.

Now we’re in recess and we’re learning that thee kids in red are not AG kids but kids from some Christian school, who are proud Americans. And proud of their Lord and Savior. I’ve got to say, I’m really surprised by how much folks run around this building giving props to Jesus. I was raised in a Christian household and I think it’s safe to say that my family loves Jesus as much as the next person, and I am just not used to all this Jesus cheerleading. I think if you’re brought up that way, you probably don’t think anything of it, but I’m sitting here getting a little weirded out.

Ooo, I heard a funny story this morning about a politician over in Memphis who was at a picnic and some kids were playing around in their sandbox and there was a salamander and the politician came over with a small shovel and a bucket and he tried to scoop the salamander into the bucket and he accidentally chopped the salamander in two. The kids start to scream and he looks at them and says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Ha, okay maybe what passes for Republican humor is not actually that funny, but first thing in the morning that tickled the shit right out of me.

The Christians are leaving. I guess once you’ve done your Jesus cheer in one room, you’ve got to go on to the next room.

It’s also New American Day on the Hill so everyone Mack knows is here as well. I’ll just say that I’m concerned that I’m about to work Mack’s last nerve. I’ve just been following him around like a lost puppy for two days.

So, that Representative Dunn is pretty dang sharp. And funny. I’ve got my eye on him.

Okay, Campfield. He came over to our table last night and talked to Mack. I don’t know. The whole thing just was grueling and made me mad. He had no idea who I was, which was fine, except that he also barely looked at me and barely engaged me in conversation. I felt blown off and, you know, if he’d known me, I wouldn’t have blamed him for being rude. But he didn’t. So, yeah.

I told him that I thought his crazy-ass he-man act made it very hard for me, as a voter, to tell when his legislation was useful. Like we talked about before, there are pieces of legislation he puts forward that seem, individually, to be reasonable. But because he seems so batshit evil and insane, I assume there’s some nefarious purpose to it and feel like I must oppose it on principal.

He seemed unswayed.

But the point is that Mack kicked his butt.  Just manhandled him.  Put his paw on the puppy and watched him squirm.  I was impressed and jealous of the ability he has to commandeer a room and kind of subtly dominate it.

Back to the meeting, Representative Shaw (I think that’s his last name) kicks butt. Smart and quick and has a very handsome pink tie.

Wait. Wait. It’s over. What the fuck?

Now Mack’s friends are coming in. This one standing in front of me is very cute.

8 thoughts on “Live Blogging the AG Meeting

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  2. I’m going to bet that maybe he did know who you were, B, or may have suspected you were you. Once you posted that you were coming, it wouldn’t have been too tough to find a photo of you around (though I dunno that he’s that smart to do so), or he could have just guessed – female blogger there, bet that’s Aunt B. (though I dunno that he’s that smart for that either).

    But still and all, I have always suspected he’s probably a bit of a male chauvinist anyway. ;)

  3. I absolutely hate that I can’t be there. I would have loved to bandy words with anyone.

    As far as Campfield, he doesn’t seem to roll well with the ladies in general. Dude’s still single and he’s my age. Since I highly doubt he’s gay, I imagine he’s not really comfortable with women. Certainly some of his proposed bills would make it appear that he really has no idea where women are coming from at all.

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