Parting Thoughts

Even though they didn’t want to initially, I thought it was very kind of the Republicans to invite us liberal folks, who ended up being just me and Mack.

One thing I found really disturbing is that because the legislative branch of the government is part time, it really limits who can even run for office.  You have to have folks who have either a steady source of income from a spouse, a really flexible job, or some wealth.  I think we can all see that this limits, just practically, who can run for office.

I think I’d rather it be a fulltime job and see if that would open up the pool of politicians to draw from.

Ack, sorry.  I just fell asleep.

Clearly this post just needs to be put out of its misery, so I’ll end it here.

6 thoughts on “Parting Thoughts

  1. Ginger, lunch was fun! I’m glad you came out.

    Newscoma, I’d love to see who knew more folks at the state capitol–you or Mack. I swear, I think he knew one out of four folks we saw.

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