Mack Needs a Nickname

I’m not asking for suggestions.  I’m just saying.  I’m thinking on it.

He’s over there right now suggesting that he can conjure shit and cure toe-nail fungus, but won’t.  I’m not sure that’s really fair to people who suffer from toe-nail fungus.

26 thoughts on “Mack Needs a Nickname

  1. Johnny Wad?
    Hell, I want a nickname too, dagnabbit.
    Jenna Jameson?
    Is that taken?

    Vote For Pedro?
    Vote for Padre?
    What’s the ruling, B?

  2. I’ve thought of a nickname for him. It’s either the greatest nickname in the world or incredibly stupid.

    I won’t reveal it yet except to say that:

    1. It incorporates his favorite animal.
    2. It’s a pun on the most famous piece of Golden Age Spanish literature.

    I have to say it outloud to him before I decide.

  3. NM, if I had a door prize for best comment of the day, you’d totally get it. Sancho Panther is just as awesome as Don Coyote.

    The question is, which will he answer to?

  4. I just tried to resend from my work address, which is on Bellsouth, and Bellsouth wouldn’t send it. Evidently no one wants to talk to Yahoo these days.

  5. Noon, and I thought the Greek place on Demonbreun off Music Circle (Greek Islands? something like that) unless you have another idea. I could have sworn I e-mailed you about this in the first place last week. I guess Yahoo really hates me.

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