Who Has it in for the Concordia Lutherans?

Someone did a number on the Concordia Lutheran street sign last night.  Yesterday, it stood on its metal pole pointing you to the Concordia Lutheran Church just two blocks off Murphy Road.

Today, the pole is a twisted mess and the whole thing is sitting in a heap next to the hole it used to stand in.

Mrs. Wigglebottom was very curious.  We had to sniff everything and she spent the longest time studying a clump of dirt.

I know dogs like routine and order.  But I have to say, when it was standing, she never seemed to pay that much attention to it.  So, it’s curious to me how curious she was about the sign now that it’s not.

I would love to know what she was thinking.  It almost seemed like she wanted me to put the sign back in its hole, but I explained to her that I could not bend metal. 

Perhaps she’s worried that, without the sign, no one will be able to find their way to their semi-annual pancake breakfasts.

If I know the Lutherans, though, they will find some way around this.  Perhaps some kind of sing-in.  People will drive around with their windows open following the scent of maple syrup and the sound of “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing” in order to find their churchy breakfast.

But my point, which I did have, is that there appeared to be no marks on the sidewalk and no damage to surrounding trees and posts, which means that whoever hit the Concordia Lutheran sign made no effort to slow down once he or she left Murphy Road and went careening up on the sidewalk and, once finding the intended victim, made no effort to slow down after hitting it.

That, my friends, is very curious and I hope that person is not driving around when I’m out walking the dog.

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