A Hat with Ears & The Towel Dance

I’m finally getting around to making Plimco the hat with ears that she requested about one million years ago.  I’m concerned that this may be a little small, but it’s just a prototype so that I can get a feel for how making such a hat works, so I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s too small.  She can just give it to someone who’s got a tiny head.

This morning I was thinking of her sister, Dr. J and how on weekend mornings, I would come out of the shower and perform the infamous towel dance for her.  I wonder if I could put that up on YouTube.  In a former life, I bet I was a burlesque dancer.

I’ve got a lot on my mind, but I don’t know how to articulate it.

How Much Makes a Garden?

NM advised me to plant herbs.  She thought that would improve my situation and I thought, well, why not?  I’m trying to learn to take people’s good advice.

On the other hand, I’m not the world’s greatest tender-to-er of anything and so I thought I’d just start small.  I planted some basil (mmmm), some rosemary (I think I’ve had a good rosemary chicken before), some sage (ooo, spooky), and some lavender (also ooo spooky).

They came in these cool biodegradable cups, so all I had to do was tear open the bottom and nestle them down in the dirt and give them some water and put them in full sun, which they all claim to like.

I have no idea how to know when to harvest any of it, but I figure I’ll just keep my eye on everything and at some point, I will just know.

I guess.

I’m kind of excited.

Sitting Around the Kitchen Table

All right. So, as previously reported, Mack’s got this amazing kitchen table in his cabin and I have an overwhelming desire to stick some women around it and eat and talk and just see what happens.

So, happily, he’s willing to make the table available on the 21st.

I’m not sure what kind of gathering this will be. It’s not really a blogger get-together, though I hope to see some bloggers there. I’m going to try to sweet talk the Professor into coming, and I hope that, if there are some folks who are commenters here who don’t have blogs, this will be a chance for y’all to come on out. And if there are lurkers who’d like to come, just drop me an email and I’ll send you the skinny.

Edited to add: I will send y’all an email invite sometime this weekend.  If you don’t get one and want one, just holler.  Or holler just for fun.  In the meantime NM said I should plant an herb garden and so I’m going to.