I Sell Myself Short

The Recovering Baptist just sent me an email informing me that she had a tarot reading over at Magical Journey that cost her thirty dollars and the guy was a shittier card reader than me.  Oh, and it only took him fifteen minutes.

Seriously, thirty dollars for fifteen minutes.

Who knew I had any skills that someone would pay thirty dollars for fifteen minutes of?

6 thoughts on “I Sell Myself Short

  1. Most intelligent people wouldn’t. I really feel I should defend myself here because it was such an enormously retarded thing to do. I had been chatting with the guy (obviously gay, I wasn’t trying to pick anybody up in Magical Journey for god’s sake) and I think I just got conned by him. I guess I felt like I’d be helping out someone who needed the work. What can I say? I’m gullible. And now I have to kill B. for telling everyone I’m a big stoop.

  2. Ha, Ivy, speak for yourself. Unless making an ass out of one’s self in bed is a skill, I’m not sure I have any remotely remarkable ones. I am a good smoocher, but who’s going to pay $30 for that?

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