The Butcher Wants Me to Be a Productive Member of Society

The Butcher just made me sit through my first Cheech & Chong movie.  If you’ve been until now passing those jokes off as your own, you might want to stop, because now I’ll know.

Ha, there’s no upside to having been raised in a hermetically sealed tube, except that everything from the last 150 years is brand new to you.

6 thoughts on “The Butcher Wants Me to Be a Productive Member of Society

  1. I’ll admit, after Chong and Blond Cheech got taken up in a UFO and regular Cheech was dressed like some ancient Aztec and seemed to be on the verge of having sex with a dead woman, and then they both flew up into a giant joint, I did turn to the Butcher, who was laughing hysterically, and ask just what the fuck that was.

    He didn’t seem to have a good answer.

  2. omg, “Up In Smoke” is one of the funniest movies…
    One of my favorite scenes. (This is for you, Mack:)…

    Cheech: Don’t worry, man. Those aren’t narcs, they’re Las Emigras; you know, the Immigration Service looking for illegal aliens.

    Chong: What’s the Immigration Service doing here, man?

    Cheech: My cousin needed a ride to his brother’s wedding in Tijuana; so he called the Emigras, man. They’ll deport the entire wedding party, man. They get a free bus ride across the border and lunch. When the wedding is over, man, they’ll just come back across the border.


  3. There are two kinds of pothead movie fans (those who like pothead movies…not potheads who like movies…)

    1. Cheech and Chong fans

    2. Lebowski fans

    I for one am a Lebowski fan to the end. I fart in the general direction of Cheech and Chong.

  4. KC, are you calling me a pothead who likes movies? I ain’t no pothead because my dog ate my stash, man. I had it on the table and it ate it. Now I’m gonna have to follow it around with a little baggie until I get it back.

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