Random Things that Please Me

1.  How Katie is all “Sometimes I wonder what would happen to my marriage if Aunt B. and I knew each other.”  You know I added that to my “about” page.  Oh, you married folks.  You flatter me.

2.  Tomato Nation is now RSS friendly and comment-having.

3.  Ginger brings us the story of the coyote who went to Quizno’s.  I hope Quizno’s is smart enough to incorporate that into their marketing–“Even wild animals will brave the big city for our food” or something like that.

4.  I defy you to click on this link and not make a noise when you see how cute this dog is.

5.  Hurray for

6.  My quest for the absolute perfect nickname for Mack continues.  I want something that really gets at his kind of macho nurturing quality.  He keeps talking about how much he likes Padre, but I think Mack is sexy for an old dude and I can’t go around calling anybody with any sex appeal anything that reminds me of my dad–either because of the religious connotations or the dadly connotations.  So, today he was trying metaphorically to grab me by the nape of the neck and move me to a seemingly better location, and I responded by calling him Ulfsfodr, which means roughly the wolf’s father, which tickles the shit right out of me.  I’m going to laugh about that all day.  If anyone is the exact opposite of an old Norse nickname, it’s him.

6 thoughts on “Random Things that Please Me

  1. [much thumping and ‘oof’ing can be heard in the distance]

    Eee! Oof. Aunt B, are you trying to get me killed over here? At the sight of that cute little puppy, my ovaries themselves tried to jump out and tell you about it. And ovaries? Were not meant to type.

    Besides, now I want a puppy! And none of the places we’re looking at right now will let us have one. Well, we could probably find such a place, but being absent 12+ hours daily doesn’t help with the puppy-raising much.

  2. Mack is sexy for an old dude


    But he is still Padre to me when he tells me to “Go in peace.”

    Go to your happy place, now, B.

  3. Wait. He’s saying “Go in peace”? I thought he was saying “Go in peas.” I thought he meant I wasn’t allowed to use his bathroom, but instead had to go out in the garden.

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