The Storm

I hope y’all came through unscathed.  We’re fine here, even though the orange cat was outside in it all night.  We hollered for him to come in, but when a man’s got business, a man’s got business, I guess.

Mrs. Wigglebottom was freaked right the fuck out.  As you know, there are few things she hates more than garbage bags and yet, when I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, she was curled up right next to the garbage bag shaking like an Elvis Presley song.

Since the front’s through, the Butcher and I are going to have to bring all the plants in, I guess, since we don’t want anyone freezing.

Chris Wage has this awesome rendition of the lightning for those of you who missed it.

One thought on “The Storm

  1. I was always afraid my Doberman (Dobie’s mom) would have a heart attack during thunderstorms, she would get so scared and shaking and her little heart just beating ninety to nothing. So much for “vicious breeds”… (rolling eyes) :)

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