I Already Have the World’s Largest Head!

Y’all I literally already have the world’s largest head.  I can’t buy hats.  I can’t fit into birth canals (not for business, obviously, just for pleasure).  I can barely sit at a small table with friends for all the room my giant head takes up.

I was feeling a little better about it after seeing all the ugly authors Trashley posted today.  After all, if George Eliot can write with a nose that big, I can blog with my ginormous head.

However, if I keep stumbling across stuff like this, it will be very difficult for me to not get an even larger, almost Mr. Mackey-esque, head.

The whole post is very nice, but “periodically redefines feminism to suit its author’s mood” makes me laugh every time I read it.

I can only hope there will be an Aunt B. school of feminism one day where young feminists are taught how to flirt shamelessly with the whole damn world and kick serious intellectual butt.

I could live with that legacy.

16 thoughts on “I Already Have the World’s Largest Head!

  1. Hey Mack, look over there…Madlock’s on!

    B – Good to see the rest of the world is picking up on what most of us already knew. You rock.

  2. So does this mean if we sit around Mack’s table later this month, we’ll be sitting with a bonafide Internet celebrity? You should make 8x10s of your boob freckle and start sending out autographs! Seriously, high five!

  3. I am all about the yay on this, woohoo.

    I knew it’d been staying in the WP.com top 100 every day except for that week you were out of town, so I’m not really surprised at this accolade, but still, woohoo!

  4. That’s awesome! And to think I shared mimosas and bagels (not to mention a death defying van ride) with a gin-u-wine internet celebrity! Congrats!

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