Nashville Sounds

1.  I like Mindy Smith just fine, but sometimes I think she’s more famous than Gillian Welch because of some sick joke on the part of the universe.  I’d be open to arguments that I’m wrong.

2.  I am not a big fan of Fergie, but damn this is fun.

3.  How can you not love a man that puts a sousaphone in his video?  If rap from Nashville has to have a distinctive sound, I hope it’s the sound of a sousaphone.

4.  It has nothing to do with Nashville, but I do think that Beyonce is so damn hot at the beginning of this video that she may, in fact, be utterly irresistible.  I ask you, who here sees that smoke rolling out from between her lips and does not have to shift in their seat?

What is Terry Frank Trying to Tell Us?

Terry Frank says:

it is indeed a serious issue. Women of the West are not having children.

What does this mean?  Sarcastro is spending his time changing a monkey?  Bruiser at Suburban Turmoil is a really deformed puppy?  WKRN’s baby Carly is a plant in disguise?

What about Frank’s own children?  Are they not actual children or…

…and this is an interesting possibility…

…is Terry Frank confessing that she is not a woman of the West?

The Sugar Coma

I woke up this morning to find the Butcher asleep on the couch–MTV playing softly in the background–surrounded by piles of Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg wrappers.

Oh, Easter, I’m glad the pagan remnants you’ve incorporated are so yummy.