Nashville Sounds

1.  I like Mindy Smith just fine, but sometimes I think she’s more famous than Gillian Welch because of some sick joke on the part of the universe.  I’d be open to arguments that I’m wrong.

2.  I am not a big fan of Fergie, but damn this is fun.

3.  How can you not love a man that puts a sousaphone in his video?  If rap from Nashville has to have a distinctive sound, I hope it’s the sound of a sousaphone.

4.  It has nothing to do with Nashville, but I do think that Beyonce is so damn hot at the beginning of this video that she may, in fact, be utterly irresistible.  I ask you, who here sees that smoke rolling out from between her lips and does not have to shift in their seat?

3 thoughts on “Nashville Sounds

  1. Who would make her *pay* for sex?

    “9 to 5” has been forever ruined for me because my kid tapdanced to it last year. I heard it several times a day for about 10 months with some variation of 7-year-old slightly off-time tap steps clickity clacking along. It always surprises me a little when Fergie stands still and sings.

  2. um…bridgett…are you local? Another class at my daughter’s dance school tap danced to “9 to 5” at last year’s recital. A trend, no? Thank god it wasn’t hers…no, she did hip hop to the “Smurf Remix”. lol

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